Date: 8th October 2015 at 8:28am
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Anthony Hart’s latest piece of ‘news reporting’

Anonymous sources inside the Football Association have defended the decision to charge Neil Lennon for comments made last weekend, insisting they are always right about everything.

Lennon was charged after remarks made in his press conference in the wake of the last minute defeat at QPR, and those words have landed him in hot water.

But figures inside the organisation seem unrepentant.

‘It’s something we can’t stand by and watch. We can’t have people making throwaway comments about our substandard referees. It’s killing the game. It’s the single biggest issue in football.

‘I mean, yeah, the ever widening gap between an elite group of clubs and the rest due to a discrepancy in television deals is a little bit of an issue, as is the social cleansing of the game due to spiraling ticket prices.

‘I supppose the fact our coach education is not up to scratch and we seem incapable of producing players that don’t produce at major tournaments is a bit of a shame too. But none of these are anywhere near what somebody has to say about a referee’s performance. What type of scumbag goes that far?’

The source was also asked if referees should be more accountable.
‘Don’t be silly. Our referees must not be questioned. They are always right.’

Anthony Hart has since been charged with questioning the integrity of the FA for writing this article. If found guilty, he will drop off the fine in 1p coins at Wembley Stadium’s main reception when he attends England’s uninspring 2-0 win over Estonia on Friday.


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