Date: 27th October 2013 at 10:30am
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Our Aussie friend uses culinary metaphors to describe why Dougie Freedman should vacate his post as Bolton manager

I’m losing faith in Dougie Freedman being the man to steer the Wanderers to success. Aussie Mike has already made up his mind, plus, he gets the taste-buds tingling…

The time has come for all, i.e. Fred, moonpig, Rob, Muur, Barney, etc to put their thoughts down.

We all accept players go through good spells & bad spells, (Spearing and Eagles to name but two). I don’t like focusing on individuals as I see the more important task is how the team as a whole galvanises together and plays as a unit, a united force. For that to occur, everything comes down to the manager. It`s a sad day when our manager, Dougie Freedman, is that bankrupt and penniless with reference to the actual impact and success he has had after a year in charge, he has to tell the press about his coaching badges while claiming he is working on the future.

Let me remind him, you don’t get points for future results, the future is immaterial unless your a pension salesman. The only thing that truly matters as a football manager is the here and now. The present gets you points; promoted or relegated.

I am convinced Freedman is following a script, written for him by Phil Gartside, driven entirely by the accountant`s mindset rather than football requirements. To claim he has cut the wage bill simply says we are broke, but what the hell has wages got to do with the manager? Nothing at all. Dougie is responsible for football and results? nothing else. Stuff the book keeping. He goes on about the academy – another way of saying we`re broke, we can’t afford to buy players so we must grow our own.

Unfortunately, good footballers are not like carrots and tomatoes, where taste and quality is the same. All that truly matters is the bowl of footballers being served up now- the team that Freedman puts out this season- this is what we are eating. This is the only food that can keep us alive and in all honesty, if a restaurant served it up, we would send it back to the kitchen- its off, its not cooked right, the chef should be sacked.

That’s the real problem, in reality Freedman has no idea how to get the best from the ingredients in front of him. He tries mixing them, changing the recipe, but everything he tries fails. It never comes off, so always leaves a sour taste in the mouth – you would never order that meal again. Dougie just does not have that ability or skill to become a chef or the nose to be a successful football manager. At Palace he was lucky, he had some fillet steaks on the table, they have their own wonderful taste, no matter who cooks them they are good to eat.


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