Date: 3rd September 2013 at 9:56am
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A guest article from over the pond

As I try and write something resembling an article after yesterday’s cull of players, an American Wanderer introduces himself to the rest of the White Army.
A US fan calling himself rayfinkle (I think from Pet Detective)who has never even been to the UK, let alone a Bolton game, has seen what managers have missed. Enjoy and you’re very welcome to the site, rayfinkle…

So here`s the deal?

I`ve been following Vital Bolton for about 3 years now (3-4 visits a day) and, up unto this point, I have never felt the need to throw my opinions into the mix.

I’m a 33 year old American that has been supporting Bolton Wanderers since the turn of the century. I`ve never been to Bolton, let alone witnessed a live match-day- hell I`ve never even been to the UK. Why should my opinion matter? Well, I may not have the answer for you, feel free to blow me off; I only request the opportunity to mingle amongst the comments. I really do enjoy the differing views.

Bolton? Do you realize how many times I`ve been asked that question? Small-ish club, with lots of heart- that was my answer 13 years ago. I loved watching Bolton play the big clubs. I so enjoyed watching the finesse teams struggle against the physical style of play. I`ve never been one for following the best, most popular teams in any sport. For me it was lame to just jump on board with one of the big clubs and as satellite TV grew, games were more available. I found myself watching wanderers on a weekly basis. Then it was the occasional summer transfer watch, to club website member.

At this point, I don’t think I could do a whole lot more to support/follow the club from this side of the Atlantic. Last year I was able to watch a total of 48 minutes of live action. Forest 2-2 and the satellite screwed me for the first half. 2 of the first 5 games live this season, oh how excitement can lead to depression so quickly.

I was glued to my phone today, waiting for something, and I just kept waiting. The loan market better be friendly to us, I`d still like to think DF has an idea of where he wants to go with the team, but at this point, I may be a more successful selection at centre back than our current starting duo. It`s like they are running with ankle weights on.

Let`s try Baptiste in the middle? I`ll take Mears on the right just to see what happens. It`s worth a try. Hall on the left, lee on the right, eagles behind Beckford, Medo/Spearing protecting our sure to be timid backline, if Tierney isn’t available give Ream another lb shot. Guess it was wishful thinking that Dawson would be back. I`ve said too much, but at least you know I can talk, don’t get me going. This was supposed to be a letter of introduction, and it got a little long, for that I apologize.


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