Date: 19th August 2013 at 6:09pm
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News is thin today, so a small piece to keep things going

First can I say, in reference to yesterday`s article, I didn`t mean it to be a doom-and-gloom piece. Like I said, I`m not throwing the towel in or anything like that. I have an obligation to put something in-print for you good people and when they say Bolton Wanderers courses through their veins, that was the only thing coursing through anything of mine.

I thought I`d feel a bit better today, but I don`t. I think someone said as soon as QPR come to town and we beat them, things will seem different. Let`s see?

Right, today`s news is pretty thin, I`m afraid. Apparently, if Tim Ream is shipped out the Reebok door, guess what? We could sign Chris Baird! What? Chris Baird? He used to play for Fulham; full-back, 31-years-old. Is that not the name you were hoping to hear? Coming in or going out of the Reebok? Both??

So let me get this right? You would rather let go a defender who can`t even make the bench (say, for example, Matt Mills) leave the club and we recruit a defender who could go straight into the starting line-up, rather than play back-up to our starting full-backs? That would seem a better, more logical way to go. I`m sure the reason it`s not being talked about is down to finance. Or, Dougie is plotting a swift coup for a versatile defender to replace Zat Knight in a clandestine manoeuvre?

Right, I`m going for a lie down, maybe some shut-eye and hope Eagles, Ngog and Moritz are fit for Saturday`s crunch clash. They are the creative flair of our team, right?



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  • allow me to say that many of the transfer deals done since Big Sam left have been unmitigated disasters, apart from Cahill we have seen lots of money spent on players coming in who never met expectations and players allowed to leave when the team needed them more than the money, or even lack of money( Elmander) Add to that mix the important players who have suffered serious long term injuries and it has all had a truly damming effect on the team. polarising that bad luck by reflecting on past events – we were relegated by a single point and missed out on the play offs by less, fate could really not pile more cruel bad fortune on a single club. I often think PG deliberately runs over a black cat every time he drives his car or their is a witch doctor in the darkest corner of a Carribean island sticking needles in a PG effigy. Bottom line is I seriously feel PG is the common denominator in our demise, I will not go into detail but I think its as clear as mud on your face, such as the scouts we employ – are they working for us or another team? Then we have to look at the management and coaches, we are over burdened with midfielders while our attack and defence are pitiful. BWFC always had good solid players in core positions – goalkeeping for one, we unearthed El Habsi who was a quality player ready to replace Juski, what did PG do – sell him to our nearest rivals for £4 mill, they avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth courtesy of El Habsi’s heroics and we go down, courtesy of Bogdan’s blunders, losing over £100 million and still counting. We had K.Nolan who loved this club, PG let him join Big Sam at Newcastle, Kevin has probably scored more goals since he left than any one of new strikers or all of them come to that. PG showed Elmander the door because he refused to increase his wages – great deal there – our top goal scorer who cost £8 million allowed to walk away for nothing and we have never replaced him since – other than splashing another £8 million on N’Gog & Sordell who have been failures to date, their combined wages far exceeding anything Elmander was asking – great PG, you blew another £8 mill and increased the wages bill for what ? two zero players !! and you still have the balls to draw your £700,000 a year. You might be a good accountant but you are totally fuc-ing useless when it comes to running a football club. Sorry for that small outburst. As said before lets wait until we have 10 games under our belt then we will hopefully have a better idea on how things seem to stand.

  • Mr Ecky – who were you expecting? Kompany? Luiz? Vidic? Baird would improve the defence, he is versatile and played most of his games at CB but can play RB and in midfield too, if it meant getting rid of someone who wont play for him then i would take that, not a star name no but experienced and would be an improvement. Mike – Stop harping on about the past!!! I dont know who El Habsi is but it was Al Habsi who went to Wigan and we didnt go down ‘courtesy of Bogdan’s blunders’ It was the TEAM who werent good enough, not one individual. Nolan needed the move, it was best for everyone, he was getting a lot of stick at the time because he wasnt meeting the high standards he set himself and needed a change and Newcastle are a bigger club offering much more money, we got a decent fee and he got his move. Elmander did bugger all for 2 years then did ok for 4-5 months and you moan that he walks away for nothing! Should we have offered him a new improved deal when he had a year left and had scored the sum total of 10 goals in 63 games? There would have been uproar! Even after that he has scored 17 in 59 at Gala in a lesser league so we didnt really miss that much and yes the wages of two players probably would exceed that of one player, and how do you know he would have signed had we offered him more? He left for a CL team, we couldnt compete. Also, cant believe you havent mentioned the current debt, how much is it again??

  • Moonpig- It was just a Craig Dawson hint. I’m sure Chris Baird is a capable defender who could sure-up our defence. But at the minute, Big Baird would sure-up our defence.

  • DF probably wants Dawson more than anyone but at the moment its not happening, not because we dont want him, because West Brom arent letting him go out on loan yet and we cant afford the fee to buy him. It would be stupid for DF not to look at other options…there are other defenders that play football other than Dawson!

  • Ream doesn’t earn enough to offset Dawson’s wages. Mills does. But Ream earns enough to offset Baird’s wages. Also, Nolan was sold because he was too fat and seemed unable to do anything about it, so he went to the guy who sorted that out for him last time – Big Sam. Elmander was rubbish and you all know it, well done Megson. Relegation wasn’t Bogdan’s fault, it was our collective inability to defend. Martin O’Neill said about Cahill: “That boy can do anything on a football pitch. Well, anything except defend.” And Zat Knight was sold to us when he was Villa’s only fit recognised central defender because he couldn’t get a game ahead of the second choice full backs in central defence. Then there was Robinson and Mears. Boggers didn’t stand a chance with that sieve in front of him. We conceded 77 goals and had more shots on target taken against us than even Blackburn or Wolves. And yet we outscored our team a few years previously who finished 8th and got into the UEFA Cup. PG can only sign the players who his manager puts in front of him. PG didn’t show Elmander the door, Owen Coyle did. PG didn’t choose N’gog or Sordell, Owen Coyle did. PG didn’t sell Gary Cahill, Owen Coyle did. PG didn’t sell Ali Al-Habsi, Owen Coyle did. PG didn’t sell Kevin Nolan, Gary Megson did. PG didn’t sign Ariza Makukula, Gary Megson did. PG didn’t sign Gérald Cid, Sammy Lee did. It’s the manager’s decision, not the board’s, not the chairman’s, not the chief executive’s. All the board does is say “you can’t do that, we’ll go over budget,” or “you have to sell some players or we’re going bust,” or “you asked us for £8 million for Anelka, we loaned it from Eddie Davies, we have £8 million to spend, go and sign Nicolas Anelka.” Finally, PG did not take a £700k salary, never has done and never will do. The entire board only took £539k between them in the last financial results, and there are five board members. As I’ve said before, PG doesn’t need to take money out of Bolton Wanderers. He’s on the board of the following actively trading companies: Cantreat Limited, Titan Europe PLC, The Eddie Davies Educational Trust, Fronesis Learning Limited, Arley Partnership LLP, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, Burnden Leisure PLC, The Bolton Wanderers Football & Athletic Company Limited and Wembley National Stadium Limited. There are some incredibly healthy financial results in there too. You look at the guy and accuse him of spending all his time plotting the downfall of our football club – but what one fact can you actually pin on him (speculation doesn’t count) that he’s ever had any malicious intent, or that he’s ever done anything that didn’t have the future of the football club at heart?

  • I said a few days ago on here that Baird would be a good signing on a free and what do you know a few days later we are linked with him. I think he would be a cracking signing. Now what I want to know is who here is dougie? If he is listening please get the deal done then if Dawson can be picked up great. Also do Ream and Mills have any self respect? Take a pay cut boys and go and play some football.

  • It was Allardyce who signed Cid, he signed him on a pre contract then resigned. Good comment though Rob. And I’ve told him so many times about the El/Al Habsi thing. Also Elmander – three good months doesn’t make up for three years of nothing.

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