Date: 13th July 2015 at 1:53pm
Written by:

Barney Grumble’s poetic skills are featured again as he discusses the top of the Bolton Wanderers hierarchy

Hells Bells! What`s going on at the Uni,
Their degree confirmation seems looney!
We`ve seen Eddie get one
And now Phil`s joined the fun.
They`ll be giving one next to George Clooney!

So what`s an ‘Honorary Phd`, you may say,
Well for ‘doing good works` is a cliché.
It`s often given to old codgers
Or even Pot-hole-dodgers.
But for Gartside it`s more than risqué!

From now on, it`s ‘Doctor Gartside` to you,
And that might just cause you to spew!
‘Cos how is it an ‘honour`
When £500,000,000`s a goner.
The world of academia, hasn`t a clue!

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