Date: 17th June 2013 at 7:49pm
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All right for some, isn’t it

So, Owen Coyle is the new Wigan manager. What are your thoughts..?

I could easily leave it there and watch your comments role in on the subject. But I want to tell you how it makes me feel and then ask you why. It makes me feel angry… and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

On Twitter, the comments on Coyle’s appointment are what you’d expect. Fans from all corners of the Lancashire demographic are focusing on the rivalry between the clubs, how spicy the appointment makes the Championship next season and how much they are looking forward to the games to prove their club is better with or without Coyle at the helm. The ‘trash-talking’ does make good reading and a lot of it is witty, but not many of the fans are mentioning, the main reason their teams are meeting in the Championship next season is because of Owen Coyle.

Coyle hasn’t taken any advice from his people. He’s still using buzz words without any foundations. Calling Wigan ‘a brilliant club’ and ‘fantastic…’ on Sky Sports is enough to prove that point. And Wigan fans should shudder and shake after Coyle continued to say, ‘…we won’t sacrifice quality for quantity, we have to bring the right players in.’ I hope his version of the ‘right player’ is still the same as it was during his time with the Whites, because there’s three or four players, currently on ours books, he could gladly raid. In fact, he wouldn’t have to raid, just a simple tap on Dougie’s door would suffice. Their bag would already be packed if he managed to call ahead.

We knew as Bolton fans collective, our beloved club was on a downwards spiral under Coyle. There were plenty of theories as to why during the time, such as- bad signings, unlucky with injuries, losing the dressing room, inept tactically… The list goes on. But the list only went on because we didn’t know what the problem was or, since Coyle left, how deep the problem had become. In the last six months, the Coyle scandal has slowly been drip-fed to the Bolton fans. Like the problems in a mismanaged care home, our club had suffered two years of neglect for its residents. Our players were unfit, psychologically malnourished and living under dated ideologies. When they should have been benefiting from ultramodern fundamentals to give them the cutting edge, they were playing Ping-Pong. They may as well been taking some of there training sessions in a care home.
Now Coyle has gone and forward-thinking Freedman is in-place, righting the wrongs, I’m still angry. But why? I should be glad Coyle is at Wigan, but I’m not. Why?

The feeling swirling around my head is, Coyle’s landed himself a cushy job were most of the work has been done for him. Not only has Martinez left a young, talented team to take over, he has left Coyle a free pass to play in Europe. I’m not concerned for Wigan’s future under Coyle. In fact, I hope he rots them from within. I’m just seething at the fact Coyle can just land himself the ‘right job’ while our manager picks up the pieces and has to start his tenure at the bottom of the snake when his predecessor begins at the top of a ladder. I want to scream at Coyle and tell him to get back here and clean this mess he left.
Of course, the anger then turns to fear when I imagine the scenario of Coyle being a success at Wigan… Surely not. Karma doesn’t work like that. Does it?


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