Date: 17th June 2013 at 7:49pm
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All right for some, isn’t it

So, Owen Coyle is the new Wigan manager. What are your thoughts..?

I could easily leave it there and watch your comments role in on the subject. But I want to tell you how it makes me feel and then ask you why. It makes me feel angry… and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

On Twitter, the comments on Coyle’s appointment are what you’d expect. Fans from all corners of the Lancashire demographic are focusing on the rivalry between the clubs, how spicy the appointment makes the Championship next season and how much they are looking forward to the games to prove their club is better with or without Coyle at the helm. The ‘trash-talking’ does make good reading and a lot of it is witty, but not many of the fans are mentioning, the main reason their teams are meeting in the Championship next season is because of Owen Coyle.

Coyle hasn’t taken any advice from his people. He’s still using buzz words without any foundations. Calling Wigan ‘a brilliant club’ and ‘fantastic…’ on Sky Sports is enough to prove that point. And Wigan fans should shudder and shake after Coyle continued to say, ‘…we won’t sacrifice quality for quantity, we have to bring the right players in.’ I hope his version of the ‘right player’ is still the same as it was during his time with the Whites, because there’s three or four players, currently on ours books, he could gladly raid. In fact, he wouldn’t have to raid, just a simple tap on Dougie’s door would suffice. Their bag would already be packed if he managed to call ahead.

We knew as Bolton fans collective, our beloved club was on a downwards spiral under Coyle. There were plenty of theories as to why during the time, such as- bad signings, unlucky with injuries, losing the dressing room, inept tactically… The list goes on. But the list only went on because we didn’t know what the problem was or, since Coyle left, how deep the problem had become. In the last six months, the Coyle scandal has slowly been drip-fed to the Bolton fans. Like the problems in a mismanaged care home, our club had suffered two years of neglect for its residents. Our players were unfit, psychologically malnourished and living under dated ideologies. When they should have been benefiting from ultramodern fundamentals to give them the cutting edge, they were playing Ping-Pong. They may as well been taking some of there training sessions in a care home.
Now Coyle has gone and forward-thinking Freedman is in-place, righting the wrongs, I’m still angry. But why? I should be glad Coyle is at Wigan, but I’m not. Why?

The feeling swirling around my head is, Coyle’s landed himself a cushy job were most of the work has been done for him. Not only has Martinez left a young, talented team to take over, he has left Coyle a free pass to play in Europe. I’m not concerned for Wigan’s future under Coyle. In fact, I hope he rots them from within. I’m just seething at the fact Coyle can just land himself the ‘right job’ while our manager picks up the pieces and has to start his tenure at the bottom of the snake when his predecessor begins at the top of a ladder. I want to scream at Coyle and tell him to get back here and clean this mess he left.
Of course, the anger then turns to fear when I imagine the scenario of Coyle being a success at Wigan… Surely not. Karma doesn’t work like that. Does it?


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  • I really don’t know whether to call him a good or bad manager to be honest. He did well with us for a bit, then everyone thought he was good. I think it definitely would have done himself and the club good if he was sacked long before we were relegated. We were in bad form ever since Stoke at Wembley, and we needed a fresh new start. He may do well at Wigan, and good luck to him. I certainly hope he brings in some of his ‘talented’ players

  • Reflection — When BWFC loaned out Al Habsi to Wigan his performances demonstrated just how damn good he was. When OC & PG later agreed to sell him my anger had no bounds, to sell your best goalie to your rivals was stupid, negligent, short sighted and suicidal. We soon went down hill, lost crucial points in many games were a solitary goal made the difference, we had a 3rd choice keeper while Al Habsi was saving goals for the fun of it, Wigan racked up the points he earned them and avoided relegation. I suggest that singular decision cost us our premiership status and at least £100 million and counting. Maybe Wigan deserve Coyle, it all seems rather ironic that Whelan selected him, anything could happen next season we have to wait and see. If I had a wish, it would be to get Al Habsi back on loan next season – that would be ironic and poetic

  • Coyle is inheriting an entirely different set of circumstances at Wigan than he did when he took over at Bolton. He’s following a very popular and successful manager in Martinez. And he’s taking over a team that has just been relegated, is bound to lose some top-class players, and like us may find it difficult to adjust to life in the Championship. No doubt, whichever players stay at Wigan, they will soon realise that their new man is no Martinez Mark 2! I believe that sooner or later, he will come a cropper! He just hasn’t got the nous to be a top man. It’s as simple as that. Like Mr Ecky, I feel somewhat aggrieved that he has been given a top job, after failing so miserably at the Reebok. But neither am I surprised that it has happened. How people in power can still appoint men who have constantly proved that they are not up to it, beggars belief. But we see it happening all the time. Having said that, I wish him well, was glad to see him go, and I’m thankful that we now have Dougie at the helm. It’s going to be very interesting next season. Can’t wait!

  • I fear he will go after our better players : Chungy, cEagles, Mavies……don’t otherwise care that he is with Wigan.

  • But if he wants to dump AlHabsi again …. :-). And of course I forgot Holden on the above list. He took Mears and Ceagles from Burnley, but he can take Mears again for me

  • Agree Laticus that it’s not our problem. However as to how he’ll do at Wigan I would temper your expectation. At Bolton (and Burnley) I would say he brought style over substance. As ncbwfc says, before our FA Cup semi catastophe things looked on the face of it to be OK but really it was an accident waiting to happen and it was all downhill after that. Many of our seemingly impressive earlier victories came about with heavy slices of good luck and the cracks in our neglected defence were all too apparent. Likewise Burnley were dead meat in the Premiership when he left for similar reasons – the all out attack tactics undermined by a completely undisciplined defence. Also Martinez’s signings look to have been on the whole excellent whilst St Owen’s for us were very patchy. And selling our best goalkeeper to you was a major contribution to our decline. Good luck.

  • Lets not forget OC is a good man . Bolton fans think he was out of his depth in certain critical areas and this will always be held against him. His main skills were said to be man management and playing attractive football. His man management skills (such as they are ) will gradually have less and less effect on the players at Wigan . As for the attractive playing style this was in very small measure at the Reebok. As for playing in Europe ,Wigan will find the extra travel and extra games to play as a championship team too much to sustain a challenge for promotion in my opinion.

  • Yes, he is. And in fairness to him the malaise had set in before he arrived. Gary Megson was also an ‘old fashioned’ manager but he at least knew that the first principle of winning games was to have all the players working very hard and maintining their optimum fitness. Unfortunately the limit of his ambition was to finish 17th, classing that as success and in aiming so low began to erode the punching above our weight factor that Allardyce had established so effectively. Coyle had loads of ambition but my gripe with him is that he failed to take on board any of the lessons that could have been learned from Allardyce and even Megson, and incorporate them into his strategy. If he’d utilised any of the fitness and sports science set up that had been put in place and instilled discipline into the game preparation and tactics instead of relying just on motivation alone maybe we could have done better. Anyway it’s history now and at least we have finally got a manager who understands the importance of having a proper considered strategy for match prep, fitness, tactics, etc etc.

  • Interesting that part of OCs demise was down to injuries, those very same injuries that could have been avoided and/or recovered from more quickly had a stronger emphasis on science and training been in place. It will be note resting to see how well our team copes wi he stresses of the leagues with this new disciplines I place.

  • Note resting ! I mean interesting. I thought it was meant to correct spelling mistakes, not increase them………….

    And did you all see we have a fun knockabout with Burnley on the 3rd !!

  • Coyle never learns from his mistakes. Totally delusional and incompetent. The shorts should have warned us he wasn’t all there. I actually feel a bit sorry for Wigan that he has managed to pull the wool over DW’s eyes with his unintelligible bs.

  • OC has always been an “all-out attack” manager, which is perhaps why Wigan have gone for him. He was the closest thing available to Martinez, although he’s clearly not in the same league. He took us down whilst trying to score as many goals as possible and ignoring the defensive side of the game. He abandoned ship at Burnley at just the right time – ironically, only a month later, Clarke Carlisle, one of OC’s defenders at Burnley at the time, had a successful run on Countdown, prompting fans to famously ask him the question “can he spell defend?” at a fans forum. St Johnstone were described as “indifferent” in the final 12 months or so of his tenure there and continued to struggle for a couple of years after he left. So what’s going to happen to Wigan? They’ll charge out of the blocks, be 10 points clear at the top at Christmas, and by the end of the season they’ll miss out on the play-offs. The following season will be mid-table mediocrity, and a terrible start to the season after will see OC’s hasty departure ensue. Unfortunately that seems to be the way it goes for him. Do I think everything that happened at Bolton whilst OC was there was OC’s fault? Absolutely not, I know too many people within the club to be that naive. But a great deal of them were.

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