Date: 3rd August 2015 at 11:40pm
Written by:

Barney Grumble’s latest poem, weighing up our chances ahead of the new season

We need several things to come up trumps to be a winning team,
To get the fans excited and begin to live the dream.
And none is more important than keeping every player fit,
In our case a monumental task, I think we must admit!
It could be Prazza`s delicate hamstrings or Mavies` dodgy knees,
Even though the rest of them are fit as proverbial fleas.
There`s no telling when bad luck will strike our rather meagre force,
So, having faith in ‘Sports Science`, is something we`d endorse.
We also need a manager who knows his way around,
One with a proven pedigree that will turn this club around.
We pray that man is Lennon, our ‘ginger mastermind`,
Hopefully, fulfilling his destiny, as a truly brilliant find!
We have creative players, who provide bullets for those up front,
But chances still go begging. I`m afraid we must be blunt!
Profligacy in front of goal is a luxury we can`t afford,
So, getting a deadly striker, is a move everyone would laud.
Which leads nicely on to money and the lack of it thereof,
If we only had the wherewithal, success may go hand in glove.
Oh, for a ‘sugar daddy` who could fund our wildest dreams,
Give us a blood transfusion, before we come apart, at the seams!
If our defence would only concentrate for the duration of a game,
Cover all the avenues, with ‘man for man` marking do the same.
None more so than when we`re vulnerable, during extra time,
And if we fulfilled most of these, it would be truly a healthy sign!
So, a final wish to ensure success, is for our share of ‘lady luck`,
Without that, any serious ambition, is liable to become unstuck!


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