Date: 7th October 2014 at 6:18pm
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New managers often bring with them change

Following Dougie’s sacking, we’ve been looking for a new manager. I think we’ll probably have one by the end of next week.

New managers often change things up at their team- sometimes they may want to bring some players with whom they like to work (which is what Dougie did) and others might use players already at the squad who had fallen out of favour with the management at the previous regime.

Dougie, to be fair, did bring some decent players in. However, in recent months, signings such as Owen Garvan and Dean Moxey have left fans wanting more.

Due to our financial constraints, I don’t think our new manager will be able to bring in many new players though chopping and changing within the squad may be a good solution.

Robert Hall seemed to fall out of favour in the last few months of Dougie’s reign. While some found him to be too weak and were frustrated by his lesser contributions, he has impressed while playing for the development squad. Obviously the level of football in the Championship is much higher, I feel that it’s now about time to bring him back into the squad. Similarly I’d like to see Josh Vela and Max Clayton get some first team football- from what I have seen of the latter I believe he’s good enough.

Tim Ream wasn’t so much out of the squad, but was never really allowed to settle into one position. It’s all good and well saying that someone is versatile, but he isn’t really. Just because you do play a lot of positions doesn’t mean you’re versatile. You need to be able to thrive in those positions. Craig Davies could play right back (probably not very well!)- but that doesn’t make him versatile. I feel that what Ream needs is an extended run in the first team at left back. He is a centre back by nature but, I don’t think he’s quite strong enough or good enough in the air. Dorian Dervite and Matt Mills have also formed a good partnership at the heart of our defence and I wouldn’t want to break this. In that same way, Dean Moxey has been very poor and needs to be replaced- maybe loaned out for a month to gain some confidence back?

Another idea of been thinking about is quite controversial and I’m not sure what your thoughts on this would be. Chris Eagles has spent time at a boxing gym and on training with Milwall. With a new manager in place, do you reckon offering him a short term ‘pay as you play’ contract would be of benefit to the club? He’s probably take it as he’s unattached and I think we’ve really missed the spark he offered in our first Championship season. He did have a poor season last year, but the way he was treated didn’t help either. Under a new setup I think this could work, but it would be difficult.

Anyway, what do you think. Should our new manager bring some of these names back into the frame? Leave your thoughts below.


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