Date: 25th June 2013 at 9:37pm
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A twist in the tale for Baptiste

The former Blackpool defender, Alex Baptiste, I`m told with great authority, is a Bolton Wanderers player. His contract with our club has been written up, agreed upon and signed by both parties. As much as a football team can own a player, Bolton Wanderers owns Alex Baptiste.

Still yet to be unveiled by the club- not even made stud marks at Euxton- our new full-back is the transfer target for Crystal Palace. If reports are to be believed, Ian Holloway is trying to convince Baptiste to turn his back on Bolton and the promise he made and join him at Selhurst Park to play in the Premier League for a season.

Remember the Didi Hamann debacle? It`s like that, but this is for a player we want, need and is in the prime of his career. Sam Alladyce called the Didi Hamann sale, the best bit of business he`d ever done. 50% of that statement may have been true, having made £400,000 for a player he never really had, but the other 50% of that statement I`m sure was sour grapes. If Alex Baptiste is adamant his immediate future remains to be with Bolton, Dougie Freedman will have to be 100% convinced Alex Baptiste is the answer to his right-back conundrum. If he is, then Freedman`s job is simply to hold onto the player and make him feel as welcome as possible. If he`s not, then Dougie will have to negotiate a deal for the most sought after full-back in the Championship, in the prime of his life, to a club with new-found millions to burn…£2.5, maybe £3 million?

What would you do? Deal or no deal?


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  • If Palace end up getting him, let’s hope we get some compensation or something.

    everyone seems to want him so I’d hope we’d get him.

  • You can’t keep a player if he’s made his mind up that he wants to leave. Obviously, Dougie has impressed the young man with his vision of where he sees Bolton’s future, and Baptiste’s place in it. So, hopefully he wil ignore Holloway’s overtures and keep his word. I believe we need him because he could make a massive difference to our defensive capabilities. He will make the Premier League with us next year, anyway!

  • To be honest, any player who wants to be elsewhere is not worth keeping. If Baptiste were to turn his back on us for Palace it will be disappointing but I don’t see any sign at the moment he wants to do so. If however that happens then we have to move on. I have a feeling we will see him ply his trade at the Reebok next year.

  • Money, personal financial security invariably dictates which club a player signs for, if Baptiste signs for Palace they have met the price, more than ourselves, to get him and its unlikely there where any contracts in place at all with ourselves. It has nothing to do with the individual clubs or the managers vision, if the money is right the manager can be a Shetland Pony. As we all know BWFC has very little money in the piggy bank, unless ED personally bank roles certain deals our player pulling power is now much weaker than before and we certainly cannot compete when premier clubs show an interest. Welcome to the real world.

  • If supporters want vision and action always speaks louder than words, I wish to see Gartside stand up and tell the world ” I belief in our future, our managers vision and its my responsibility to give my manager the players he feels he needs to accomplish the task ahead”, ” therefore having already personally taken from the club £5 million in pay during our 11 years of reckless financial abandon in the premiership, I will now give up my £500,000 annual renumeration for the next 3 years allowing the same money to go towards helping the club pay to bring in Baptiste on a 3 year contract ” The blunt message here is how much longer do our leaders feel they retain the right to continue shafting the very club that has served them so well over the years, when our days as a golden fleece serving their own personal wealth have passed and at what point do they place the interests of the club before any self interest. Doctors are expected to save the patient, not to continue sucking the blood from their veins until they no longer get a pulse. Is there such a thing as a limit on self greed or self worth and importance, at what point will Gartside feel he has taken enough from BWFC ? I hope the mans money does not bring him joy or happiness, however, better a miserable rich man than a poor one within a material world, the real world once again.

  • Apologies, no offence intended, Mr Gartside is an illustrative often persecuted figurehead example only, I have absolutely no vendetta or ill feeling towards him, never met the man, he is probably extremely kind, very intelligent, charming, accommodating, everything expected from our Chairman.

  • Outside financial considerations, sport is also about hopes and dreams. We spend hours happily discussing how our favourite team will fare in the coming season. We dare to dream that it will play scintillating, flowing, attacking football. And we hope that with our solid defence, it will prove to be successful. In our case achieve promotion! Naively perhaps, we also believe that there are still players and managers around, who keep their word, irrespective of other temptations being offered. It’s a sad day, when we accept that sport is just about greed. I do believe that there are countless numbers of people involved in football, who fill that bill. So, please allow us to dream on, at least until the new season starts, and reality sets in!

  • If these rumors are true I’d much rather have Alex go to Palace if he’s not 100% committed to the Wanderers. The championship is an extremely tough league in which every player needs to be up for the fight. Don’t get me wrong he will be a brilliant addition adding depth but we have got the likes of Joe Riley and our new signing Mark Tierney and last and definitely least Coyle’s greatest signing Tyrone Mears. Hopefully Alex will come but if not it’s no disaster, i’d much rather have a lesser player like Darren Pratley give 100% than the average premier league flop who’d like to be anywhere else than the Reebok

  • If these rumors are true I’d much rather have Alex go to Palace if he’s not 100% committed to the Wanderers. The championship is an extremely tough league in which every player needs to be up for the fight. Don’t get me wrong he will be a brilliant addition adding depth but we have got the likes of Joe Riley and our new signing Mark Tierney and last and definitely least Coyle’s greatest signing Tyrone Mears. Hopefully Alex will come but if not it’s no disaster, i’d much rather have a lesser player like Darren Pratley give 100% than the average premier league flop who’d like to be anywhere else than the Reebok

  • Gartside is an alright bloke, if sometimes a little naive and a little stupid. And he’s not on £500k/yr. He does care (surprising though it may seem) about the fate of the Wanderers. Remember – for both Gartside and Baptiste, football is a job. They are not, first and foremost, fans – they have a specific and defined set of responsibilities to fulfil in order to be given the remuneration their contract specifies. If a better offer comes along, as long as it’s in accordance with EU legislation, they are perfectly within their rights to consider that offer on its relative merits. If the club, legally, must be compensated in order for them to accept that offer, then a negotiation will take place. It’s all business. Ryan Giggs hasn’t stayed at Manchester United for his entire career because of loyalty. He’s stayed there because it’s always been the best deal for him and for his family, which is where his only loyalties lie. Do I want Alex Baptiste at Bolton next year? Hell yes. Do I think he’ll be there? Probably, but only time will tell – it depends how much we can make him want to be there.

  • nice piece Robmoss can you tell us what Gartside does earn as my information appears to be wrong. His remuneration will be pre agreed, not subject to fulfilling prerequisite targets unless of course they are failure targets, He reports to the board and owner who in turn express their confidence in his stewardship. The Baptiste affair will be clearer in a few days or when the player himself confirm his next move, rather than comments from clubs who desire his services. I do wish the best for our team and supporters next season.

  • previous comments suggest Baptiste has already signed a contract with BWFC, I suspect he may have signed an agreement in principle, or statement of intent which may have very little worth. He could not personally enter a bona fide contract with BWFC until his current contract expires at Blackpool, otherwise Blackpool themselves would have been party to such an agreement and they would have wanted a payment.

  • Whatever agreement he has in place, Baptiste’s departure from Bolton would command a transfer fee not a compensation package.

  • Check page 19 of this: The £397,000 in “compensation for loss of office” is Eddie Davies’ stepping down for tax reasons, which means that Gartside isn’t even the highest paid director – the other 5 between them garnered £539,000 over the course of the 2011/12 financial year. Not that Mr Gartside needs it – he’s earning plenty from being on the board of Wembley National Stadium Limited, the FA and elsewhere, as well as his other personal business interests. Furthermore, Baptiste has signed a pre-contract agreement which will contain substantial get-out fees.

  • Many thanks robmoss for your efforts -pre contract agreement is similar to those I mentioned placing terms and conditions on the parties appropriate to the circumstances, bwfc-85 makes another interesting point, It would be interesting to have more information given our interpretations seem open minded, though I expect this area is for now private and confidential. Puzzled as to why ED receives compensation for loss of office for tax reasons, which translates to mitigating his personal tax liabilities ?. Pity we don’t have a figure on what Gartside takes from the club, as chairman of a PLC the information must be lurking somewhere, then again you engage top accountants to often blur the facts or muddy the waters.

  • So Baptiste has officially signed. However maybe it is just a cunning ruse and he has come to assist Gartside in smuggling money out of the club, before they both dance naked with Beelzebub Coyle to summon the football demons and ensure the ruination of Bolton once and for all. Or could it be he wanted to play for us and was happy with the package offered so was never interested in a move to the Prem with Palace. No that’s just silly it must be the former.

  • As far as I know his salary is fairly nominal and any serious money he could make from the club would be from dividends on annual pre-tax profits, so he’s not had a right lot recently. I don’t know the ins and outs of ED’s departure from the board and his personal tax circumstances. His set of golf clubs suggest that he’s making plenty of money elsewhere though. Glad Baptiste has signed today as expected – a pre-contract arrangement is legally binding and there’s no getting out of it without a transfer fee (as it’s a legally binding promise to transfer the player’s registration which can’t be reneged upon). It’s nothing like terms and conditions at all, it’s a contract, despite the name “pre-contract” – that’s a daft misnomer. It’s only called that because people assume that the only sort of contract in football is a deal a player signs with a club to play for them for a fixed length of time for a certain salary and certain bonuses. A pre-contract arrangement is a contract, plain and simple. Anyway, let’s hope he plays well for us.

  • I am very pleased for all concerned the Baptiste affair has concluded. No desire to rake up further debate on pre contract agreements or anything associated with that, everyone has presented interesting information and opinion. Both Boltongav and Robmoss will have a pet name for me, probably starts with W and ends with R with anke slotted in the middle, no worries, been called much worse and generally merited. Lets hope we get someone like Rhodes in before kick off ensuring our attack improves while keeping the club in the red thereby cancelling out profit linked remuneration to board members ? profit based deals in a loss making organisation don’t work.

  • I can categorically state that I don’t hold you in such low regard mike. I would maybe say you are more akin to our very own dark lord. Maybe we should change your name to Darth Mike!!! I am sure Dougie Skywalker and Hans Gartside would tremble at the thought. May the force be with you dark one:)

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