Date: 22nd May 2013 at 8:52pm
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Imagine if he had money

Doug, Dougie, Douglas, The Dougmeister, The Freedmanator… Dougie Freedman, the manager of our beloved club, has been working harder than any manager in the football leagues. He’s even been working harder than any manager in the Premiership.

Already- and we’re still very much within the month of May- Mr Freedman has enrolled 4 new recruits for next season’s promotion push. Two promising youngsters, Hayden White and Conor Wilkinson have been poached- legally- from their parent clubs, Sheffield Wednesday and Millwall respectively. Also, not to get stuck in the concrete, Douglas followed swiftly onto securing Marc Tierney from Premiership, Norwich and Alex Baptiste from Blackpool.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited.

Of course, if this was the recruitment genesis of a Premier League campaign, we’d be questioning direction or priority. But for a Championship revolution, which to be fair, began at the transfer window in January, I’m thrilled.
It’s not so much the actual transfers making my tummy warm, it’s the ease, efficiency and decisiveness in which our manager is going about his business. For a seasoned boss, with reputation, stature and form, securing 4 desired targets before June would be impressive. For a manager with nothing to show on his C.V other than a switch from Palace to Bolton, it’s downright amazing. OK, the name ‘Bolton Wanderers’ may still have a certain appeal, especially for the younger newcomers, White and Wilkinson who will have watched Wanderers in the Premier League most of their lives. But for Tierney, you would have to assume one of the Premier League teams, especially the newly promoted sides, would have offered him a chance… He didn’t even test the market! For Alex Baptiste, Premier League football was definitely on the table. Hull City were reportedly willing to hand Alex a contract, but like Tierney, he didn’t even seem to dip his toe into the water… Dougie called… deal done! Like Caesar, he came, he saw, he conquered.

What makes these deals more amazing is the fact that Dougie hasn’t spent anything on transfer fees. In fact, the only money which will have to be forfeited is the compensation packages for the two youngsters.

Is anyone else thinking, bag Beckford then lets get the season started?

Whether you are sold on Dougie Freedman or not; whether you are convinced of his ability as a manager, whether he can lead Bolton to the Premiership or not, you can’t deny he is making all the right noises. If Dougie Freedman isn’t the man to lead Bolton back to the Premier League, he’s doing a mighty fine impression of him…


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  • Similarly very impressed – get the transfer dealings out of the way early on, then the team gets a full pre-season together to gel. Can only help our prospects for next season!

  • When you think of how many times there are rumours for months and then nothing until right at the end, if anything and we are all saying why didn’t they have the targets organised and bought sooner – Dougie has just proved that it can be done. Well done to the Gaffer.

  • I like baptiste I thought he stood out when we played Blackpool. I really want to believe in Freedman as I did want to in Coyle etc. Bolton fans trust in has been easily gifted to managers out of blind optimism in the past. Dougie is going to have to earn it I reckon, however I definitely am starting to embrace freedmans early proactive approach.

  • As I said on the last post Baptiste was on my wanderers wish list and I think Tierney is a solid acquisition (although didn’t he throw himself down and get Stienson sent off two years ago?) I also think the young players are sensible additions. I agree we still need a striker but I am sure the increasingly impressive gaffer has it sorted. Roll on August I say.

  • I agree with that Muur but it is very rare for them not to complete once agreed by all parties so publicly.

  • Very pleased with the swift way in which DF is going about his business and think the type of player he’s signing is an improvement of what we have. Think we now need some more options out wide – although I believe the Hall deal is almost done – to provide a bit of cover and competition for Eagles and Lee, maybe something else up top and we’re ready to go. Having said that about the strikers, I would be happy to start the season as we are to give Eaves/Clough/Lester a go, we’d have N’Gog, Sordell and Davies and then rotate the kids until one of them shines.

  • Trying to improve the squad with little money available is extremely difficult, success is down to clever judgement and maybe some good fortune, I recall O.C. spending millions and failing so money alone cannot guarantee success. With both good judgement and money you rarely lose. I know the club has few options but it needs to remind itself if it is serious about mounting a promotion push next season then it must produce a team that’s fit for that purpose at the earliest opportunity and should therefore invest the necessary funds right away. It would be dangerous to rely on ‘low cost’ players, later gambling under panic conditions next January with the season at half way and the damage inflicted. If last season has taught us anything at all it must surely be hesitation and optimism cannot overcome bad results, a woeful start will surely come back to haunt you at the death. Given the increased urgency for success next season we need to hit the ground running, hence this close season must be put to good use and any big decisions should be taken now not later

  • Who would have predicted this at the beginning of the season? “Wanderers kept nine clean sheets in the npower Championship in 2012/13 and conceded only six goals at home in the league in 2013.”

  • Also this: “The Whites finished second in the table for the amount of shots on target during the course of the season with 316, behind Leicester City who had 325 attempts on target.

    Hitting the woodwork on ten occasions, Bolton had 249 attempts which were off target with Eagles again the main threat with 142 chances overall. ” Some very interesting stats about the season on BWFC official website but still nothing about Student yet.

  • Guys stop worrying about students he will sign. In all honesty who would sign him at the moment. He has been injured for two years, and as yet hasn’t hit form. I am glad he is staying but we managed well enough without him last season and until he starts to show what he used to be capable of we needn’t worry he is going anywhere. I am more concerned that he will play well and leave next year on a free due to the one year contract.

  • Interesting thing that someone from Derby said that they ended their interest due to Baptiste’s ‘eye-watering’ wage demands – perhaps after getting a few players off the books DF has more to spend than we expected?

  • Very interesting. Also what about Klinsmann’s “no pressure on Student” article in the BN? Does he not think he is ready either?

  • Great to see the two defence signings – particularly ‘jean le’ Baptiste. Also incredibly refreshing to see swift and decisive action on the transfer front in contrast to past years dealings. Feels good to me and shaping up well but I agree with mike that whilst it is important to build and plan long term we need to be quick out of the blocks from day 1. Wonder if The Freed will go for any instant impact experience to augment the judicious bargains?

  • “Trying to improve the squad with little money available” as someone said above and then Clough comes out with “”I spoke to his agent and with the best will in the world; the money he was asking for was eye-watering. I don`t think many clubs in our division could afford him.”

  • “Trying to improve the squad with little money available” as someone said above and then Clough comes out with “”I spoke to his agent and with the best will in the world; the money he was asking for was eye-watering. I don`t think many clubs in our division could afford him.”

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