Date: 13th June 2013 at 1:20pm
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Another guest article from Nicky Crompton… These ‘wings’ were meant to fly

Guest article. Thanks Nicky…

Dougie Freedman has said that he wants Chris Eagles to play a more central role in the upcoming season, after being our top goalscorer last term. His name suggests that he belongs out on the flanks, however, Sir Douglas of Freedman would like to revolve the team around him centrally, behind the strikers.

Martin Petrov and Gregg Wylde- our two mainstay left wingers- have since left the club, leaving us with (should Eagles play in the middle) just Chungy out wide. Chung Yong Lee was a huge player for us in the Premier League. He bagged many assists and really worked hard on his strength too, to help him get used to the English league. He was linked with many high profile clubs such as Liverpool and Arsenal. Then, his leg was broken in a horror challenge in a friendly against non-league outfit, Newport. Since, he has never really been the same. He doesn`t seem to have the same confidence or desire. He used to run and successfully take defenders on, a huge asset in any league. I feel that next season will be when we learn whether the South Korean will make it back to the same level we saw before the horror tackle. He`s now had a full season under his belt and we really do hope that he`ll get back to where he was and the level we know he can play.

We`ll need at least another two wingers though. Preferably, at least one predominantly left-footed. Rob Hall has been linked with a free transfer following a loan spell at T`Reebok. At only 19 years of age, I`m not sure he`s mature enough to be playing regular first team football. He only managed 37 minutes last year for the Wanderers, before being replaced by Marvin Sordell after playing poorly. However, I think he has potential and the move could happen.

In regards to right footed wingers, Matt Phillis and Tom Ince would obviously be nice. But I think Will Buckley, Chris Burke and Kris Commons would all be terrific and more realistic signings. Dougie Freedman has a ‘no risk` signing system which is intriguing and should be somewhat reassuring for Bolton fans. What we don`t need, however is Dougie fishing around in foreign waters trying to find ‘hidden gems`. We need proven, consistent players who are first-team, Championship ready. Craig Noone, who played a hand in us not making the play-offs, would have been a good signing had Cardiff not been promoted.

The younsgters already at the club should be striving to break into first-team football mindsets. Samni Odelusi and Chris Lester are two young, talented wingers who should be pushing to make the step-up. Even Joe Riley might like to try playing as a winger in order to secure a spot on the first team following the arrival of Alex Baptiste.

I feel that a central role behind the striker would suit Chris Eagles. However, his switch leaves a hole on the wing that needs filling. Hopefully, Chungy will provide ample services from one wing next season, but that`s only telling half of the story…


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  • I don’t mind these “hidden gems” from abroad. Chungy himself, Steinsson, Elmander, Tal Ben Haim, Stelios, Campo, Okocha, Pedersen, N’Gotty, Hansen, Gardner, Jensen, Jääskeläinen, Fish, Johansen, Frandsen – all the result of the then manager going hunting abroad for “hidden gems” and they (on the whole) turned out alright; some of them were arguably cornerstones of more than one successful promotion bid. Don’t get me wrong, if we had £10m to spend on the squad I’d like to see us sign five £2m players from the Championship, but given that we probably don’t, I imagine bargain-hunting is what we’ll have to do – and I have every confidence in DF that he can do it.

  • every signing is a risk or calculated gamble, there is no such thing as ‘ no risk’ . Wing play is pivotal in traditional attacking especially if you rely on dangerous crosses into the box. As for Bowton having a dig at my criticism of Gartside, I would suggest the facts speak for themselves. Allardyce claimed he walked away from BWFC when having got the club on the edge of a top 5 finish ( 39 points from 21 games) PG responded to his request for transfer investment by saying ” we are safe and we are happy with no more than that” from that point on we went backwards. Gartside has been with the club 21 years, he is currently listed as a director with 9 separate active companies, he resigned from one company after 2 months in 96 and 8 other companies have been dissolved, he was chairman of the Locker Group, a mining company, until 05. Some of his past companies have questionable names, re: Pan Eagle, Mead, MDPD, Arley Partnership, Mosaic Corporate Investments, etc Many of the firms were registered to the Reebok Stadium such as Pan Eagle, something strange maybe? then you have the Eddie Davies Education Trust to which PG is a director however ED himself is not a director which surprised me more so. As for Gartside’s financial acumen, in 2010 he presided over a club whose debt had spiralled from £13M in 2009 to £35M, a 300% increase in one year, since then club debt has rocketed a further 200% in less than 2 years. Currently the last set of accounts showed the club has £1.5M working capital, £18M in asset values and £96M debt. Over the last 4 years we have accumulated an extra £83M of debt while during the same period we were given free of charge, courtesy of Sky alone circa £180M, which tells you Gartside has presided over an organisation that has blown away £263M without bringing in any profit to offset that. In any other commercial organisation he would have been sacked for incompetence, in fact the organisation would no longer exist. When relegated he vowed to cut the wage bill in half, of course excluding his pay package. Beyond his skills of promoting a two tier league system ridiculed by every man and his dog in 2009 and giving Megson £45M to blow on players, his primary function is to keep the club financially stable, the above figures show he has either cooked up a massive tax dodge or he has failed miserably on that level also.

  • should’ve kept Wyldde really, wasted money on him and now we can’t get it back and we would’ve had to pay to cancel his contract. May as well have played him next season.

  • I really thought Whelan was more astute. I wonder how long it will take him to rumble calamity’s incompetence and sack him?!

  • I thought Chungy showed that he was getting to his est in the last games of the season. One game, he ran rings around their defence. Mike, with your analysis you make a very strong case that PG is incompetent (very good research sir!) I can only think the other clubs must be in a much worse position for him to justify his role as successful. By the way, where did you get this info from !!!!!

  • Agree on Chungy improving vastly by the end of the season. Looking forward to seeing him back to his best and rising like a salmon for those headers he always manages to get to! Wish he could impart his skill in getting that amount of spring and height to Knightmare, who barely manages a couple of inches off the deck – joke!

  • Pedro, I think there are things that you can criticise Knight for but winning headers is not one of them. I have never seen a player win as many as he did last season, in fact I can’t recall being beaten to one at home all season.

  • as per Chicory – the information I refer to on PG is openly available via any rudimentary basic business search on the web, you can undertake more detailed searches and more pertinent info is available for a nominal charge, neither pursued by myself. I have no desire to be openly or unfairly critical of PG or anyone else, his business dealings may all be above board, entirely legitimate and honourable, what does interest me and is a spectre of concern is just how well or badly our club is being run. We all enjoy commenting on popular issues associated with the players or the manager, of greater influence on future fortunes is the underlying financial stability of the club on which everything is dependant. Its all very well to have stood by while 10 years of Sky TV monies, circa in excess of £300 million, passed through PG’s hands like grains of sand or that we have an owner to who we are indebted to circa £100 million, in essence it has taken less than 15 years to waste around half a £ Billion pounds for which there is nothing to show, a legacy of memories but nothing of value. In all honesty my granny could have run the club far more effectively, it is as though a mentality of easy come easy go existed, PG had a money tree he could plunder so what the heck. I am convinced these people shower in their own ridiculous self importance, operating in the surreal parallel universe of the premiership long enough provides real opportunity to enrich yourself for as long as it exists. I had always hoped the £millions handed to the club would be invested for the future benefit and security of the club and its supporters. Not at all, how naive of me, those at the top enrich themselves first and foremost. Should PG or ED walk away tomorrow they can relax with their millions, its the club and supporters who carry the burden they created and that I find inexcusable, especially when our chairman who has failure written all over his tenure feels entitled to receive a kings ransom every year , that to me simply rubs salt in the wounds of the hard working supporter and smacks at complete arrogance. I can put up with being wrong, I can readily and gracefully concede the debate to better opinion, what I cannot tolerate is bowing to those who have creating nothing of actual substance beyond an edifice of financial waste and mismanagement.

  • Cracking research Mike. As for wing play, if it’s good enough for Barcelona to play without then it’s ok for us. Anyone know what’s happening with Mavies? Because a striker (be it Sordell or A N Other) with him and Eagles behind plus a couple of defensive midfielders and a back four and Chungy out wide on either side would be a cracking line up. And Mike, when you put it like that it does rather answer the question as to what is wrong with PG. We did have a shot at near greatness under Big Sam which a failure to spend money scuppered and lost us his services. A series of poor decisions since has seen us sink to where we are now. Plenty of other clubs have done worse (Leeds, Wolves, Portsmouth, Coventry, etc) and languished for long periods with little hope of improvement. We can still aspire to the third tier of English footy, I like to think, with the Stokes, Sunderlands, Fulhams, etc and in time the second tier (Everton, Villa, etc) under DF. It will take a few years and if PG is still at the helm then hopefully he will have learned the lessons from the last time we were on that lofty perch. What money we do have will have to be spent wisely in the meantime. We may have to take a punt on some lower league players and loan signings to begin with but that is where all clubs in our position were and are starting from.

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