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Can We Enjoy The FA Cup?


In a weird way, I’m quite looking forward to Friday’s FA Cup tie. Not that I can go or anything like that, but there isn’t the same dread that has times this season has come with a lot of Wanderers’ matches.

Often on here, I’ve called cup games a free hit, the fans want to win them, the players probably want to win them, managers may or may not depending on their priorities, but whatever the case, if we go through on Friday night to the fifth round, it’ll be quite nice. If we don’t, we probably will have all forgotten about it by the time Tuesday’s far more pressurised encounter at home to Reading comes around.

Hopefully, we won’t make too many changes. We went with a largely strong side in the third round, although there could be an argument that with us at the moment, there isn’t such a thing as a strong side. Even if Reading don’t have a match at all, we still have a three-day window where the players can recover.

Why can’t we just have a go?

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