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EFL Suggest Unpaid Child Labour To Fulfil Fixtures


It feels foolish to write a piece before 1pm when this could be a fluid situation, but here we go.

About now I should be on a train, probably somewhere around Bolton. But I’m not, and neither are lots of people who otherwise would be. The game against Brentford was postponed, and the EFL have now come out and said these two outstanding matches need to be played. They would have wanted the Under-18s to have played today, but them being in action on Thursday made it a non-starter.

For all we know those players, who are being hit far worse than the senior players, could be in with the boycott. In any case, the EFL are basically insisting on unpaid child labour to get the job done and break a strike, which is never a good look.

Meanwhile the club put out a statement this morning saying Laurence Bassini had not paid any wages as promised, and it was Ken Anderson who coughed up with the money to get the Aston Villa match on, despite the fact it was “not his responsibility.” If you still technically own the club, it is your responsibility. Anderson is now receiving independent advice from his professional advisors, which surely won’t help any takeover.

The EFL said in their statement that “the resolution is not in our hands,” which is an unsurprising cop-out. There needs to be a change in their whole approach to owns it’s clubs, but as a trade body made up of the clubs, it probably suits a lot of the owners to have the minimum amount of scrutiny, being the rats some of them are.

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