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Ex-Bolton Player Still Claiming Severance Pay


Last week was meant to be some sort of watershed moment for Bolton, when all remaining football creditors were meant to be paid. 

Unfortunately, at least one person didn’t seem to agree with that. Mark Little, who left the club when his contract was up last summer, claimed after his new club Bristol Rovers’ EFL Trophy win in midweek that he was still owed money.

“They’re still putting out now into the media that everything is sorted – it’s not,” he told the Bristol Post.

“We’re still owed money. I’m still in constant contact trying to find out what is going on.”

Little was also happy to be at a ‘proper club again,’ which is a bit out of order, anyway, a proper club would probably beat us on their own turf for a start.

Cheap digs aside, this is something that obviously needs resolving for everyone’s sake, with Marc Iles reporting it was a question of severance pay and it will be sorted next month.

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