Date: 14th January 2017 at 10:47pm
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All of the starting lineup rated or slated

Ben Alnwick (7)
Alnwick made some smart saves at 0-0 to keep Wanderers in it. He also made an impressive save at his near post at 2-1 to prevent an embarrassing finish to the game for Wanderers.

The first goal took an unfortunate huge deflection for him so he was not to blame. The second goal was a farce of defensive play, ball watching and Alnwick also had no chance there.

Lawrie Wilson (3)
Worrying, very worrying. Looked completely off it today and was exploited cleverly by a defiant Swindon. A clear weak link in the team, poor defensively and lacked real intensity to win the ball in key areas. Made a huge fault in the second goal, fooling around in the penalty area cost us dearly. A Buxton return would not surprise me!

David Wheater (7)
Take a bow son! Scored a cracking goal, Suarezesque! Looked defensively solid in the first half but surprisingly crumbled in the second.

The second goal nearly made me rip my eyes out. Ball watching isn`t good enough and Wheater was caught out for part of today.

Mark Beevers (6)
Brilliant except for the second goal. Exceptional in the air and made some feisty challenges. However, got blatantly caught out ball watching for the second goal and we were punished badly.

Andrew Taylor (5)
Poor performance today. Again no support down the left hand flank and his crossing was dire, rarely beating the first man. Although made a great block in the penalty area to deny a certain Swindon goal. Expecting him to bounce back again though.

Jay Spearing (4)
That second half needed a leader with the qualities that Spearing possesses but he didn`t turn up today. Lacked intensity and was poor on the ball, passing lacked accuracy and didn`t carry the team like his usual self.

Tom Thorpe (5)
Okay performance. Got around the pitch reasonably well and intercepted Swindon`s long balls with ease. Supported Spearing well and we actually missed his presence when he went off which was quite a surprise.

Josh Vela (5)
Lacked his energetic self. However he was recovering from a virus during the week so it`s understandable. Never really got a foothold in the game and never got into positions were he could make an impact but as always he always puts 100% in. He possibly needs a rest.

James Henry (5)
I went into the game with hopeful promise about Henry but I was quite disappointed at the end of the match. In parts of the game he was really effective and played some great crosses into the box but he also faded as the game developed and didn`t get involved.

With the quality he possess he should be making a greater impact in games like this.

Zach Clough (4)
Another game Clough didn`t really make an impact on. He had a great chance in the first half but the weak effort made was easy for Swindon`s huge Vigouroux to collect. Also had a great chance to play Clayton in but the poor pass fell into the goalkeeper’s hands. All round it was disappointing.

Gary Madine (4)
He just can`t score! Brought the ball down well on his chest (it`s the only thing he does well) but he isn`t the striker that will score the 20 goals per season. Our team is screaming for a player like Le Fondre who can just put the ball in the net. Definitely needs a rest, look fatigued and weak in the later stages.


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