Date: 6th March 2019 at 2:09pm
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It seems like the smallest of bits of good news, but we’ve got a football match on Saturday.

After yesterday’s 24-hour deadline (give or take) for Ken Anderson to get his act together regarding the proper staffing of the University of Bolton Stadium, he raised his head above the parapet to pen a Note from the Chairman, saying that everyone will be paid, and the council have officially given the match the go-ahead, saying in a statement: “Bolton Wanderers have since provided thorough reassurances that it can meet the requirements set out in the stadium’s general safety certificate. The council is now confident that the club will be able to meet its safety obligations for upcoming home fixtures.”

The note also seemed like Ken’s Last Stand. Or at least we can hope it is. He defended his operating methods, but the first time seemed to offer a smidgen of guilt, although the general gist appeared to be “Why am I still funding this club when nobody likes me?” and that we should thank him for doing one of the basics of any company boss – paying their employees.

He hoped a takeover would happen this week, denying the rumoured Bahraini interest, but not denying any involvement from former Chelsea and Manchester United man Peter Kenyon, or the Parminder Basran group which prior to this week had been the clear front-runner. I’ll believe when they’re paraded in front of us.

In a separate statement, any season tickets paid for via Direct Debit will be valid for the next two home games, even if the money due last Friday hadn’t been taken out. Rather obviously, but as the club felt the need to point out, they wouldn’t be valid if you hadn’t paid the previous month.


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