Date: 30th November 2006 at 5:50pm
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Phil Gartsdie revealed the depths of his anger at the pathetic Panorama programme that featured Bolton so very heavily.

‘It’s been a very difficult period. We feel you feel you can’t defend yourselves in certain instances’.

‘I think there’s been a bit of creative reporting going on around the place with newspaper and some of the television articles and so on.

‘We’re beginning to get through that now and for legal reasons there’ll be things I can’t say, but we’re coming out of it with a positive attitude.

‘I could never understand why I was in there. When people are cutting and pasting in an interview, I think that’s when that becomes a little naughty if not worse than that.

‘I’m very angry about it and I’ll remain angry about it. No amount of apologies, no amount of compensation will ever repay the anguish and the difficulty it has caused.

‘When you’ve got a programme that’s in the past that’s been as respected as Panorama was, when you see the tactics and methods that they’ve used to produce the programme, with hidden cameras and things like that, that’s going beyond what the BBC or anyone else should do.

‘I’ve got to put it on record that I’ve never doubted what Sam’s done or what I’ve done.’

Look’s like the licence fee will be going up to pay for the compensation package!


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