Date: 26th March 2009 at 6:02pm
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Bolton manager Gary Megson deserves praise for his efforts at the Reebok, at least according to Olympic silver medallist and sometime punch-bag Amir Khan.

‘Gary Megson is doing a good job and he knows exactly what to do,` said Khan. ‘Bolton are not doing that well at the moment but they will come back and stay up this season.`

Bolton fan Khan takes to the ring wearing a Wanderers logo on his kit, which looks cool, apart from the time he went horizontal against Bredis Prescott in less time than it takes to microwave a Rustler`s Burger (thanks Col.)

The Commonwealth lightweight champion is as entitled to his view as anyone, but why it`s worthy of being reported isn`t clear, unless being fairly famous and coming from Bolton counts. In which expect endorsements for the Ginger One from Dave Spikey, Sir Ian McKellen and Fred Dibnah`s widow any day now.


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