Date: 1st December 2015 at 10:24pm
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A look at why Gary Madine’s miniature spat with Neil Lennon shouldn’t be something fans concern themselves with.

Bolton took on Brentford on Monday night. If you weren’t at the game, you probably saw it on TV. One thing we all saw whether it was live, or the video clip later on, was Gary Madine shouting back at boss Neil Lennon who berated him for what was some shocking decision making, accompanied by an even worse weak-footed volley that sailed high and wide from 35 yards.

Madine deserved what he got from his manager. Whilst it would have been more appropriate if he had put an apologetic hand up in response, too many fans are seemingly outraged at Madine.

There are 2 possibilities looking at the video. I think Madine said, “I was having a f**king shot you prick!” Whilst some think Madine simply called our Northern Irish boss a “f**king Scottish prick!”

To call what Madine did a “foul mouthed rant” or “tirade” is probably an exaggeration, and is no less than what Lennon launched his way. During the heat of the match, when the players are desperately trying to gain some points to get us off bottom spot, they haven’t been paid, a harmless vent is something that can be forgiven.

Comments like that probably come most matches, it just happened that this one got caught by an expert Sky cameraman.

Even Lennon himself said he didn’t notice what Madine said, and wasn’t bothered by it either, so I don’t see why we should be bothered.

Days later some supporters are still bothered by what Madine did. I`d rather focus on the performance, which was very pleasing for me. When you consider we are in 24th position, with players who are doing a job which they haven’t been paid to do this month, they did a good job.

Each player looked up for the fight, Ameobi dominated the Brentford centre back pairing, Mark Davies showed his class, and Feeney played well in my opinion. I`m not sure how many of you will agree with that though. Credit to our fans too, I`d thank you, and encourage you to continue to support and not turn on specific players or the team during games.

There were some defensive liabilities, but its what you expect from our bottom placed side. In any case, Amos saved us from those mistakes anyway.

Monday night was something to build on, in spite of feeling it was another potential 3 points that we missed out on. I am more concerned by our financial situation at the moment, and whether our takeover will be completed in the next week or so.

Anyway, for now Gary you continue to use any foul language you want, but maybe bag a few goals while you`re at it, pal.


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