Date: 29th April 2009 at 12:06pm
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Sixteen of the twenty Premier League club have released next year`s season ticket prices and all but two have reduced or frozen them. The exceptions are Aston Villa and Manchester United. Villa have raised the minimum prices whilst United have imposed increases across the board.

Supporting the World`s biggest club has obvious advantages. The odd league title or several, with the occasional Champions League triumph thrown in for good measure. The downside is that you get hit in the wallet, both by opposition clubs and now by your own.

The glory-hunting fans deserve no sympathy (not that many of them actually attend games) but that doesn`t apply to the genuine supporters, who backed the club in the lean years, before Alex Ferguson arrived. Just because you support a rich club, doesn`t mean that you are wealthy.

What`s this got to do with the Wanderers? It`s just a reminder of how unlevel the playing field is. United may be big revenue generators, but they are heavily indebted. Their yearly interest payments are more than Bolton`s entire turnover.

Prices are yet to be announced at the Reebok, but in the previous three years they`ve been either frozen or lowered. Whatever shortcomings the club has, they deserve much credit for that.


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