Date: 31st March 2016 at 10:08pm
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The Trust should be pushing for a place on the board

The Supporters Trust held their first official meeting tonight at the Macron Stadium.

Questions were put to the Steering Committee on a number of topics, but the response to one probably stood out to most.

The Trust seemed to play cool on suggestions they would seek ownership or part ownership of the club.

Now part of this site’s purpose is to provide a platform for fans to air their opinions. My opinion, and that is only what it is, is that the Trust should be pressing as hard as they can to at least gain board representation.

Realistically, it is something that cannot be pursued until elections have been held and the Trust has its first proper board.

But I do think without getting into the corridors of power, the Trust will not have the influence a lot of fans want. Soon, the club will have to meet with the Trust twice a year to discuss matters of strategy.

That’s great. But it’s on average, once every six months. We need and deserve more than that. The Trust’s own Model Rules state they should be looking to maximise fan involvement. The natural extension of this should be pushing to have some hard control on the club, rather than be a very vocal pressure group, surely?


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