Date: 17th May 2007 at 11:24am
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Another season gone, and once again Wolverhampton Wanderers fail to get into the Premier League. We at Bolton would like to sympathise.

But we can`t because it`s too funny.

So we`ll just have to mock instead. It`s not often we think of you these days. Why should we? You`re just another run of the mill lower league team. But when we do, it`s always good for a laugh.

The memory of those play off games in the ’90`s is still surprisingly fresh. As is the time your brain damaged fans attacked our mascot. Just before we stuffed you 3-0.

In a sense, it would have been good if you had been promoted. It would have resulted in a miserable season and then relegation. Just like last time.

As it is, you can only dream about Old Trafford, Anfield, St Andrews, Villa Park and your cup final at the Reebok.

Never mind. You`ve got Scunthorpe to look forward to. Enjoy.


3 Replies to “Hard Luck Wolves”

  • they really did not show up last night … I think Derby will be the ones to go up … you want to watch what you say as if you lose a fair few of your players and staff to Sam you could end up in a diff fight rather than europe places to go for 😉

  • Hard luck Bolton that your main asset Sam (a wolves fan) has gone to a bigger club!

    Don’t worry though every cloud has a silver lining like ours. We have a new owner & new investment. We shall probably pass each other when you are relegated and we are promoted.

    When Notlob visit S ****horpe the writer of this article will make it two C–ts in S ****horpe!

    By the way I hate your legoland stand, built in the middle of nowhere with no atmosphere, which is too big for you!

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