Date: 5th February 2011 at 5:07pm
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…as I sure would like to pay him a visit.

And not in a good way.


10 Replies to “Has Anyone Got This Man’s Address?”

  • Why do we always lose to controversial decisions to this ref and he gets away with it every time? I have seen the replay of Gary Cahill being tripped in the penalty area. After Clot had given Spurs two pens in 8 mins i thought he would have at least tried to even things up but NO! He books Gazza for diving!

  • An incompetent ***** who is blatantly robbing a living. Cant be a coincidence that he shafts us every ******** time. And you called it right on him booking SuperKev!

  • Meh. You would have been two-nil down in ten minutes had he allowed the second the same way as he did the first. He didn’t do a bad job, but I do agree that Cahill’s fall was definite pen. Maybe the theatrical way he fell, arms up, appealing while in freefall, convinced Clattenburg otherwise.

  • After all is said and done, we would have had a draw if it wasn’t for Gary Cahill’s silly give away in the 92nd minute. You would expect better from someone who’s market value is between 15-20M… Leave that to Ronald Zubar

  • How can you say that the first pen was hand to ball? What about the studs up lunge on CYL? Disgrace to the profession. But then so many of them are. The main ref should be in a TV studio with instant replays available from all angles. The delays caused by waiting to get the decision 100% correct (as is so well done in Rugby and Tennis) will be no more than delays caused by the pansy’s rolling around as if shot after being tackled or shoulder charged. Another great innovation would be to give the Manager’s three appeals as in American Football and Cricket. Something has got to be done and soon. There is too much at stake to rely on a ref’s eyes anymore.

  • Then to cap it all off, we had to listen to Motty doing his useless impersonation of a commentator on MOTD. Sigh.

  • Motty is ***** and should be allowed to leave with what ever is left of his reputation.
    Clattenberg just very poor, but lets not suddenly look to introduce great swathes of technology like Cricket and american football – have you noticed how long these games last !!!!

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