Date: 8th September 2014 at 11:30am
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Search your feelings

Thanks for your thoughts and positive sentiments regarding my health. Believe me, it`s much appreciated. I`m sure you`re well aware, if you are a Vital Bolton regular, recent history has been less than kind to my wellbeing? much like the toll recent history has taken on our football club. So, rather than you wondering how I`m feeling, I`ve flipped the opinion to you guys.

My question is: As a Bolton Wanderers` fan, how are you feeling?

Even the disastrous funk our football club finds itself, the manager and his ‘ability` to lead the club, still divides the fans. Granted, he is losing followers at a rate Harry Styles` Twitter account would if he tweeted one day ‘I can`t keep it in any longer? I`m coming OUT!` But the fact he still has backers, in this day and age of football, suggests to me, our fan-base is confused and demoralised.

I`m not criticising their abilities to calculate situations, nor am I advocating the dismissal of Dougie Freedman. But a confident, well-informed and deserving fan-base- due to the ‘football` they`ve been subjected to over the past 2 years- would have been presented with a new manager by now. Not just to improve the points tally, but to try and bring some atmosphere back to the Ree? sorry, Macron.

I don`t want to know whether you want Dougie to be removed from office. I`m reaching out to you as a fellow fan. Do you feel confused? Demoralised? Ill-informed of what`s going on? I`m feeling all those things.

Is it going to get worse before it gets better?

If so, how much worse is it going to get..?


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