Date: 2nd September 2010 at 9:43pm
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Like West Ham…..

As condescending as it sounds, the fact that Cahill earns his money in Bolton colours does not help foster the notion he has the class to cope at this level.”

Evening all. I don`t normally read the Evening Standard as it is a) circulated at tube stations that I don`t frequent and b) has a natural bent towards the capital`s teams. However, strolling through Euston late this afternoon after returning from Manchester, I decided to pick up a copy to see me on my way through London`s rush hour. And let me tell you, until you go through a London rush hour on a regular basis, you don`t know a rush hour. Tailbacks around The Trafford Centre? You`ll be out in an hour. People have been known to die of malnutrition on the M25.

This little gem was written by a journalist called James Olley. I don`t know whether he is a regular writer for the Standard but apologising for being condescending does not in itself make it any less condescending. Or any less wrong.

OK, Cahill hasn`t played for England yet, but that has more to do with the national head scratching regarding the manager, rather than a lack of ability on the player`s part. And just because a player plays for Bolton rather than Tottenham, Everton or Citeh doesn`t make him a bad player. Remember the first time he was called up? You Know Who was in charge, so the reasoning would be that Cahill stood out amongst the dross. He must have shown his ability then.

And let us have a look at the central defender who is more or less nailed on for a start tomorrow night, Matthew Upson. This is the same Matthew Upson who couldn`t cope with Kevin Davies a couple of weeks back. This is the Matthew Upson who plays for West Ham United, the team that finished last season in the place above relegation, three places and four points below Bolton. The same Matthew Upson who still plays for West Ham, the bottom team on the Premier League, five points and fifteen places below Bolton.

And then there is Michael Dawson. You remember the Hungary game? The misplaced passes and the all round general ineffectiveness, never mind that Young Boys pretty much taught him a lesson in their Champions League first leg. And I`m sure you`ll remember Phil Jagielka`s own goal in the same Hungary match.

And as for Joleon Lescott?..

Is Gary Cahill ready to take the step up to international level? Of course he is. It doesn`t matter who you play for. What`s the old saying, if you`re good enough you`re old enough? So why not if you`re good enough, it doesn`t matter if you play for Bolton, the team currently standing unbeaten and fifth in the Premier League? After all, Matthew Upson appears to be good enough, and he plays for West Ham.

Elsewhere, in the build up to tomorrow night`s game, The Crocked Bulgarian has been talking about the reasons why he came to T`Reebok and why Citeh can shove their millions where the sun don`t shine.

Basically he says Hughes overlooked him and once he had been replaced by Mancini, the new manager stopped speaking to him in January. This is partly understandable as, in a squad of thirty swaggering egos, he probably didn`t have the time to talk to Petrov. However, we could spend all day talking about the swaggering egos at Citeh. Mrs X doesn`t like them and she tells me this on a daily basis. My cousin, John The Blue, who I shared a few pints of Joey Holts with last night, had a regard for the Bulgarian and agreed earlier this summer that if he stayed fit we would have a good signing. He also said that he would argue Citeh`s money with Mrs X anyday. I don`t fancy his chances.

Petrov talks about the way that he is treated by St Owen, in contrast to Mancini.

Everybody knows we don’t have big names from the Champions League but it’s a close-knit club and Owen Coyle is like a father to the players, always talking to everyone, checking everything is OK“.

Like “Danny I need a word. Here`s £1million. Here`s the door. OK?”

Of which, “The” Shittu has been talking. Apparently he is weighing up his options, as clubs in Ligue 3, Turkey, The Middle East Graveyard of Football Careers as well as Celtic ‘vie’ for his services.

I believe quitting Bolton was the right step to take as I didn’t have options to play at Bolton.’

I love the way that he makes out he had a choice, as the only other step would be to just keep on taking the money and go Winston Bogarde on us. Or, as it`s now known, Musthaveariga.

And still no word on The Badger.

Stick around. We`ll be back tomorrow.

P.s. It turns out that Robbie Blake is older than both The Queen and Jesus. Not put together.


11 Replies to “If Only Gary Cahill Played For A Big Club.”

  • I remember Capello saying he was going to pick players on form and merit and not give two hoots about reputations. Pah! The man is an utter Wilf! Picked Heskey instead of Davies, now it looks like our man in form won’t get on the pitch! Still, come on England!

  • Fair comments, but i’d have to argue that Dawson was arguably the best english defender in the premiership last season. He’s been ropey again this year though, but who hasnt. I think Cahills easily good enough for England.

  • Funny thing is, Blake is genuinely older than Jesus was when he ascended to heaven… An experience that pays well, if only in freekicks.

  • Interesting article. I agree that Cahill is better then Upson and at the moment he is in better form than Jagielka (and I’m a Toffee). I would rather have Dawson in there ahead of Cahill and even tho I despise Lescott… When on form he is a class act!

  • Gotta say I never rated Upson in the least. I don’t think Cahill is a world beater, but rather bring through the youth than waste our time with 30 something year old Upsons.

  • Daws is shaky this year, but all that fine work he did last year can’t have just deserted him like Defoe’s confidence does when he’s one-on-one. Cahill should, however, start against either Bulgaria or the swiss. Behind Upson in the standings? It’s like being slapped in the face with a glove filled with rapidly-solidifying concrete.

  • What happened to bringing in some new blood to the England team? The predicted line up has Joe Hart (and Jagielka by default)and that’s it. The same players who were atrocious and embarrassing at the world cup are back again. The only reason that we weren’t the worst team team there is North Korea.

  • i stopped reading after i saw you start slating the likes of Dawson and Jagielka. i agree that Cahill should be infront of Upson in the national pecking order but to say he is better than the likes of Dawson or Jagielka i am not so quick to agree with.

  • Hes not gonna play unfortunatly, even if all the other defenders get injured, he will probably play Rooney and Defoe in defence

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