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Is This All Coming To An End?


We’re all in the dark here, is a climax approaching? We can only hope so.

Last Sunday morning, we all woke up to the welcome news that the takeover might be gaining traction, after a deal was agreed in principle. There was hope it would all be wrapped up by the end of the week, especially with wages due yesterday.

Now, takeovers take time, so the fact it hasn’t been completed yet isn’t a surprise in itself. What might hopefully focus everyone’s minds is the fact that nobody, from players and football staff, to far more importantly all the other people employed by the club, weren’t paid. Seemingly, there hadn’t been any sort of communication to them either, until this had all come out into the media, which is extremely yet unsurprisingly poor. What’s more, direct debits weren’t taken this morning for the latest installment of season ticket payments. Maybe Uncle Ken wants us to enjoy a month’s football on him, but that’s unlikely.

It all adds to uncertainty right through the club, from the people who do all the behind the scenes jobs, to the 11 who walk out at the Liberty Stadium tomorrow. And then, there is the court date in a few weeks time. For the sake of everyone, this owner needs to be gone as soon as possible.

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