Date: 12th January 2011 at 3:51pm
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Frankenstein’s monster may be on his way. Or not….

Take a look at the photo above. Would you want this man pulling on a Bolton shirt? Can you see any of your children going into Bolton Central and asking for his name on the back of their shirts? Can you see them running towards him, asking for his autograph only to run away screaming at the awful truth that this man makes Martin Keown look like George Clooney? No? Well, you should because, despite the protestations made here last week, it may be moving closer.

In all seriousness, it appears that ever since the news that Middlesbrough were willing to accept bids for David Wheater the move has gone slow, slow, slow. Boro appear to now be holding out for more money and the teams that were reportedly holding out for Wheater to become free during the summer may now be looking to bid.

Let’s get this straight. If Boro are looking for the £4million figure that is being bandied about then they will probably be waiting for a long time. The £2.5million that we are said to have offered seems to me to be about £500K too much, considering we haven’t got any money, and Boro should be wary that they may well end up with nothing come July.

This does not go back on my feeling that Wheater, in my eyes, is not the best purchase that we can make. Middlesbrough aren’t twentieth in the Championship, one point off relegation, due to a great deal of bad luck. They are there because they are a poor team and keep on letting in goals. Our defence is porous enough (three clean sheets and one of them against York) without needing a defender who can make it leak more than a South London water pipe.

It does, however, seem that I am in the minority, but this is not the first time that this has happened. I point you though towards my misgivings over the signing of Martin Petrov in the summer and I’m half way to being proved right on that one.

On the other defensive issue, that of Gary Cahill, the appointing of Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool may have slightly prised the door open for his departure. Cahill is better than Skrtel and Kyrgiakos, and on a par with Agger. (Mrs X rates Agger). John W has his money and may be glad to splash it. And one of Liverpool’s many, myriad, problems is that they can’t stop letting in away goals. Unless, of course, they are playing us.

Also in the frame are the Arse. Vermaelen has gone off to see a specialist and Squillaci is out until the end of the month. Mr Vinegar has said that they need a centre half and the Carlos Vela deal is still hanging around on the internet, looking to be the makeweight in the deal. Mr Vinegar said:

‘If we find somebody at the right level we will do it, if not we will continue like this.’

‘Like this’ means going with Alex Song, a midfielder, and someone by the name of Ignasi Miquel, which I’m sure I ordered two of the last time I was in Guadalajara. If I was an Arsenal fan, I’d be clamouring to get a central defender in, laying siege at Mr Vinegar’s door. That’ll be £20million to you, erudite French fella.

Speaking of French people. Don’t be surprised if Mr Cid returns at some point. Only slightly less French.

Elswhere, Zat Knight believes that he is playing the football of his career:

‘I have found a manager who believes in me, and who gives me confidence. But it`s not just the gaffer, my team-mates do as well.’

I think that the former manager believed in him as well, otherwise he wouldn’t have bought him and kept him in the team. However, it seemed that the only thing that fans used to believe Knight would be able to do was stick the ball into his own net. However hard you try, though, it is difficult to image the other guy getting this kind of form out of Knight, especially as he used to make Titus Bramble look like a world beater.

If Cahill remains, he and Knight still have work to do in helping Jussi keep clean sheets, something that has been rare this season, as mentioned previously. And this is not just because, if they do, there is more chance of me winning my 2-0 bets.

SuperKevinDavies has been looking forward to the Stoke game, but has had one last look at York.

‘The manager stressed that we shouldn`t read too much into the York performance. A lot of the lads who started that game have played five games in 12 or 13 days, so it`s been a busy period, not only for us but for a lot of other sides as well.’

So, there’s your answer. My bitten fingernails whilst sitting at my desk on Saturday was because they were slightly tired. This still doesn’t explain how Fulham were able to stick six past Peterborough on the same day, though. Or Chelsea seven past Ipswich. Or, indeed, Everton five past Scunthorpe.

Until tomorrow.


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