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It’s All Too Familiar as Bolton Lose Again


Regular readers of this website may have gathered I’ve got a bit of sympathy for Phil Parkinson. The quality of the squad isn’t that great, even if we have improved, it’s been done on the cheap by the standards of the modern Championship, and other teams, believe it or not, also invest and improve their squads.

But one thing has stuck out in the last two games, including yesterday’s defeat to Swansea. We have three strikers. Only one will play. Fine, lots of better and more exciting teams than us do that. But let’s call them Strikers A, B and C

Striker A isn’t a prolific scorer, but has got a few this season and is an international who has played at the Euros. He was also signed for a fee.

Striker B cost even more money, has scored a goal this season and has a decent record in the lower leagues.

Striker C is much older, signed on a free, and has yet to score for us.

So why was Striker C picked again? Clayton Donaldson was viewed as a backup when he first arrived, but was picked yesterday at the expense of Christian Doidge and Josh Magennis. Neither has been banging them in, but Doidge has had limited opportunities and Magennis has at least scored a few and has often impacted the game when he hasn’t been able to score. But I’ve seen neither from Donaldson yet. Admittedly, I had to rely on the radio yesterday as I couldn’t go. I can sense the envy already.

As well as our chronic lack of goals, in fact even attempts, we had four shots in their box yesterday, we’ve also developed another unwelcome habit of conceding early goals. While Barrie McKay’s effort was a great strike, it’s the fourth consecutive game where we’ve conceded in the first 15 minutes.

Both traits need to be cut out quickly because it cannot go on like this.

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