Date: 27th September 2010 at 1:42pm
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The papers talk about the game yesterday. And, for the most part, there was only one team on the pitch. Guess which one?

Afternoon to you all. I`m going to admit to a little bit of tiredness today due to yesterday`s effort of getting myself out of bed. Another twelve hour shift beckoned but as it was my last night with my current employers, and the Official Secrets Act precludes me from telling you who they are, they let me go early. At 3:30am.

No tube, no bus, raining, no coat. How magnamonous.

Anyway, it`s Monday and that can only mean the regular looking at how the press reported yesterday`s game. And it is no surprise that, for the second week, the press chose to report more on the opposition`s failings rather than the performance of the Bolton team.

Let`s start with:

Super sub Michael Owen salvages point as United are sabotaged by shaky defence. The Nazi . This is the paper that further down, in an image that goes on about Nani`s goal, says that we have signed Sam Holden. I do hope she`s got over her death in Summer Bay.

Then there`s Dirty Des`s Daily with ROONEY`S UNITED LOOK SO SUBSTANDARD. Neither paper give a mention of how well Bolton played.

The Currant use their article on the game to just go over the woes of Shrek. I know they`ve said that they’re not going to make another film but if they did surely it would be titled something like ‘Shrek The Fifth Prossie I Have Slept With Which Has Ruined My Game.’

And if you read The Tory’s report, you would get the impression that there was only one team on the pitch, with barely a mention of the chances that Bolton carved out.

The other papers do talk a bit more about Bolton, even if they talk predominantly about Stretford.

Yet it would have been unjust on Bolton if they had finished empty-handed and they deserved at least a point from this pulsating encounter.’ The Mirror understand the need for giving both sides of the story.

So far as the contest with Bolton is concerned, United are entitled to insist that this had been a severe challenge. Owen Coyle’s team had freshness and imagination. They did not show the slightest inhibition until stoppage time, when he deemed it prudent to send on two substitutes and eat up a few moments. There was nothing unusual about incisiveness from Bolton Wanderers. Under Coyle’s management they are acquiring a reputation for polished football and it was enhanced here.’
The Granuiad actually write two paragraphs about the home team and give the impression that we played some actual football. Good on you Kevin McCarra.

But it is really only The Indy hit the nail on the head with Bolton drew this match and might have won it, not because Manchester United were irredeemably weak but because they played supremely well.” As if they were actually the only ones at the game who could see the game.

From the local point of view, Marc Iles uses his report to have a go at the former manager, and there is nothing wrong with that as far as this site is concerned. ‘For a couple of seasons under Gary Megson, these games seemed almost to be written off as a damage limitation exercise, a stopgap until the next encounter with one of the smaller top-flight clubs.’


It was clear from the outset that the double threat of Johan Elmander and Kevin Davies was something that would have ruined Nemanja Vidic and Jonny Evans` breakfasts as they contemplated the bruising tussle over their cornflakes.’ The Manchester Free Paper has one good thing to say about Bolton`s performance otherwise our defence was “rocky” and “slack”. Some mistake surely?

And that is it. While the lack of balance in reporting is only to be expected, as how will all those United fans in Clapham know how their team did, it still doesn’t mean that it is warranted. As the Sunday’s did with West Brom’s performance at The Emirates on Saturday, focusing more on Almunia’s weaknesses, as did the daily’s today. I was under the impression that there were twenty teams in the league. Still, what do I know?

Anyway, we return tomorrow with some more musings and attempts at humour. Now I have to go and look for a house in the north.


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  • Sam Holden. Seriously? It’s like they aren’t even trying, if I didn’t know any better I’d say that the fascists at the mail despised us for no real reason… Always liked the Independent though, honest.

  • The media have always been in thrall to the mighty manure, so I reckon Bolton should feel lucky that they even got a mention! Great result BTW, you certainly look a much better team under Coyle.

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