Date: 22nd September 2010 at 10:51am
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A lot was made beforehand of this being a grudge match between St Owen Coyle and about 19,000 Burnley fans. That it remained so after the game shows that the match was first not very good and second that the fringe players of Bolton Wanderers really need to step up their game if they are to have any chance of a regular place.

And yes, Tamir Cohen, that goes double for you after your desultory attempt on goal.

The night started as you would expect from fans who, erroneously, think themselves wronged. The Bolton manager, flanked by between six and eight security guards, depending on who you believe, walked from the tunnel behind a goal and made his way to the dugout, the cries of ‘Judas’ ringing out. It is nice to see pictures in today’s papers of parents encouraging their children to bait the Bolton manager.

Now, I’d like to say that I have an idea of what happened in the first forty minutes but, due to Mrs X detouring me to Euston Station M&S, a late arrival home meant that I only learnt the above from the radio at half time. However, a quick start up to t’internet and a minute listening to the soporific tones of Radio Wanderers Player, I turned over to Clarets Player in just enough time to hear the goal go in. Everybody agreed that the ball was over the line, though no one yet knows just why Clusterburg pointed to the spot. I think though that the commentator may have been slightly biased.

St Owen has mentioned Iwelumo, this sites player to watch yesterday, handballing just before the goal, but if he did it appears that the only person to see it was the Bolton manager. I tend to believe that the Scottish forward did but Mr Clustersmack, having already tried desperately not to give Burnley the goal, would have started a near riot if had given the handball. Or whatever passes for a riot in North Dingleshire these days. Maybe they would have thrown pastry on the pitch.

OK, I’ve seen the goal and it was well taken, although I have no idea why Shaggy appears to jump back to parry the ball out. Was it over the line? We’ve been done by that before but everybody, including St Owen, seems to agree it was so who are we to argue?

For the most part it appears that Burnley were the team in the ascendancy throughout the first half and, barring Tamir Cohen’s miss, had little or no problems. This continued in the second. The stats don’t lie, ladies and gentlemen, although both teams could have paid for their profligacy.

For the most part, however, Burnley contained T’Wanderers and but for a late Matty Taylor free kick from virtually the same position that he scored from on Boxing Day, that was well saved by Grant, Bolton were toothless in attack.

The game finished as it had started, but now with ‘What’s the score’ behind the ‘Judas’. I don’t think they wanted an answer.

On a night of few bright moments, Rita (Moreno? From West Side Story? Oh c’mon…) had his first run out and Kidneys got some much needed game time. Adam Bogdan has completed his run in the team and has done well, considering the games that he has been called on to play in. Jussi returns for the bombardment on Sunday.

But that is for Sunday. Congratulations to Burnley for a deserved victory. There are some who think that this will heal all the wounds that were perceived when St Owen left Turf Moor.

Those of us that know, know different.


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