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Laurence Bassini, Jim White and the Oxygen of Publicity


Yesterday Laurence Bassini got an opportunity to lie on national radio again. He made more claims on Jim White’s Talksport show again, which were followed up by a statement from the administrators rubbishing his ability to prove he has the money to buy the club.

He can’t to seem to let his interest or claim or whatever to buy the club go, even though surely if he was able to pull off what he initially promised, he would have bought the club in April. But still, he won’t go away, and it hasn’t been helped by Talksport, and ultimately, White’s continued willingness to give him oxygen and airtime.

What’s White gaining out of this? Bassini has about as much chance as me as buying the club. Is it because every time Bassini is heard or read it just annoys Wanderers fans everywhere and gets both Bassini and White attention? I’m guessing that. And we’ve probably just done his job for him by writing this piece.

As said before, if Bassini feels for the fans, it’s probably best if he just shuts up, since he’s failed to put up. As for White, if he wants to be seen as a serious journalist, he might be more of a service if he managed to ask questions of senior figures at the likes of the EFL who have allowed situations like the one we’re in, or the one at Bury, to fester.

Or he might just have Bassini on again next week.

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