Date: 31st March 2010 at 10:47pm
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Bolton winger Lee Chung-Yong will be staying at the club despite being linked with Liverpool. The player`s agent has dismissed the rumour as ‘absurd`.

‘I never received the offer from Liverpool, there was absolutely no contact. Speculation about the future is not helpful,` he said.

‘Lee wants to be a regular at Bolton next season, this is important.`

Owen Coyle has welcomed the news and hinted that a new deal be in the offing for the Korean.

‘He has done fantastically for us this season. But like any other player, I will sit down at the end of the season, review how long is left on his contract and what, if anything, we want to do, said the Wanderers boss.


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  • Well over 24 hours since you posted this article Dickie and nobody has bothered to respond. How disappointing for you. Totally underwhelmed by your prose they are. No Jeffrey Archer are you. Such exciting news as well – must be the way you tell ’em. Now if you’d put an Arsenal reference in there like ‘Lee Chung-Yong won’t join Arsenal’ you’d have got your hit numbers up. You need us Dickie boy – and you need us so desperately.

  • Well ok it’s not really 24 hours but you have to have something to respond to. Maybe the members are staying away ‘cos it’s April the 1st? That must be it – they’re playing a prank on you the little tinkers. They’ll be flooding in in their ones any moment now. Just be patient. Or put up another new article with an Arsenal reference. That’ll do it.

  • Well Amos, as much as you say Richard only cares about Arsenal he must have really got under your skin if you are now commenting on his articles unrelated to Arsenal! His articles are tongue in cheek and always make me chuckle. Well done Richard!

    Anyway, good news about Chungy. He has the potential to be a top player and hopefully we can keep hold of him for years to come.

    Good luck to you Gooners at the Nou Camp. Last night was a great game.

  • It’s much more fun tugging your chain Beakie! You haven’t manage to get a single point of fact right yet. The world’s least knowledgeable Bolton fan – what a claim to fame that is!

  • I think you need to get out more Amos as your profile is as empty as your comments.Are you by any chance suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by posting on non Arsenal related articles?I see the foul mouthed ranter Niko has also been banned from your site despite your pathetic attempts to justify his posts.

    By the way, just had a peek at Richards next two articles entitled:
    Pin Drops at Emirates and Whine Flu Vaccine for Gooner Fans.
    Your gooner luv em!!
    Congrats on perfomance against Barca,excellent footie.

  • My profile isn’t quite as empty as this site is most of the time! Good to see you guys get out of bed occasionally. At least we’ve succeeded in getting the post count on a non-Arsenal related article beyond the half dozen mark even if it is all down to me. Just a shame that only one of you had anything to say about the exciting news that Lee Chung-Yong isn’t going anywhere. I’m sure that Dickie’s next articles are going to be every bit as captivating as this one was Bobby. The William Mcgonagall of football forums the fella is – just with a lot less literary talent.

  • Oh by the way – I almost forgot – I think you’ll find Niko is very much alive and well. Who knows when he may drop in to see you again? Of course they’ll be no-one at home as usual but I guess he’ll leave a note if he’s missed you both.

  • Lee needs another season at Bolton. He is a talented player but I think he fades away in the 2nd half sometimes. He also struggles against big robust defenders because he is not a big chap but for me he is still adjusting to the premier league.

  • You’re right d3rks. Lee’s done well though. New country, new language, a higher standard of football and it hasn’t fazed him. A full pre-season and he’ll be even better. Well done (dare I say it) Mr Megson.

  • After l’arse’s borefest against Wolves you can’t really blame Amos for looking for something a bit more entertaining to do.

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