Date: 28th December 2014 at 5:40pm
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Liam Trotter has been blamed for many Bolton failings- is this deserved?

I’m not going to do what I usually do and write a few paragraphs before I answer the question. I’ll just go straight into this- yes, I think he is to blame.

Liam Trotter is highly rated from his Millwall days and apparently we paid 100k to loan him until the end of the season last year. On joining Bolton he said he likes to ‘dominate’ his opposite number.

Admittedly, I don’t make it to as many Bolton matches as I’d like to- I think I’ve seen eight this season. However, what I can say, having seen Trotter play for Bolton about five times, is that he does anything but dominate.

Let’s say we’re playing 4-2-3-1, and Trotter is making up part of the ‘2’ with Neil Danns. That would makes sense, right? Let’s say someone is watching Bolton for the first time- let’s say his name is Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe looks at Bolton line up- he sees one tall, imposing midfielder and one smaller, more technical one. That would make sense to Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe has also heard that Trotter likes to ‘dominate’ other midfielders. Ivanhoe thinks this sounds good.

Unfortunately, Ivanhoe’s lack of knowledge about Bolton makes his confidence in this setup all too misled. Liam Trotter is a big, strong looking midfielder- he looks like the right sort’ve person to play in this position.

However, Trotter is not good enough in the air for someone so tall. He can’t win headers against people several inches smaller.

I believe that he played in a more attacking role during his Millwall days. In a Bolton shirt, whenever he gets the ball, I personally find that he takes far too many touches before playing a completely pointless, ineffectual pass that serves absolutely no purpose.

Of course, there are times where you have to keep the ball and such actions are appropriate, but if someone wanted the ball to just be knocked back to them, they’d kick the ball at a wall.

There is something about Trotter that gives me hope that he could succeed at Bolton- he scored 22 in 125 for Milwall- not a bad return for a midfielder and he is a strong lad.

He’s not too bad technically and I, with all Bolton players, want to see him succeed.

I feel that he’s currently filling the gap left by Darren Pratley of ‘unpopular central midfielder’, and I hope he can follow Pratley in improving his reputation among Bolton fans.

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What’re your thoughts on Trotter?


7 Replies to “Liam Trotter: Culprit or Scapegoat?”

  • I am not a fan of Liam Trotter.To me, he is lumbering, giant of a man, who would be better off using his size and strength in a sport like boxing! His size and shape for me are the very reasons for his failure. He is not a good footballer by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I don’t know what Lennon sees in him. You are quite right to say that his passing ability and movement are lamentable. He rarely troubles the opposition, as he ‘trots’ around the pitch, and gives the simplest, easiest five-yard passes imaginable. Passes that rarely trouble the opposition. He simply does not look like, nor play like an athlete. He has no sparkle or vitality. He has no change of pace or ready control, which is unforgivable in a top player. He is poor in the air and on the ground. He doesn’t always appear to really get into a game, but shuffles about on the periphery. This may surprise you all, but I would let him go in the summer.

  • I have written at length regarding his lack of a performance today elsewhere. Suffice to say Bolton’s 10 men did quite well against Huddersfield today as that is what we had until Liam Trotter was belatedly removed today. I am not sure what Sir Neil was thinking today but I do trust him. I could tell you all about Trotter’s inadequacies today but all that really matters is that he gave away the ball for both goals. These errors would be forgivable if for the other 89 minutes he had made any decent play or even looked like say oh I don’t know A FOOTBALLER!!! Anyway rant over bring on the pie eaters and no Trotter.

  • I think he’ll do what he did with Beckford- see if he can make him a better player and if so- great he’ll be Pratley II. If not, he can ship him out like Beckford.

  • It would be odious to compare Pratley to Trotter. Simply, Pratley is a footballer who just needs confidence and regular game-time to perform very well. Basically, he does have more than a modicum of talent. Trotter, on the other hand, in no way resembles a professional player. There is nothing about him that even suggests he will blossom into anything but a complete novice. I honestly cannot fathom how he was spotted as a kid who had a professional footballing future. It’s a complete mystery! I’m sorry, but it has to be said.

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