Date: 16th May 2010 at 2:46pm
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The Arsenal blogging fraternity is vastly over saturated. There are a load of one eyed, misinformed teenagers who jumped on the bandwagon after the so called ‘invincibles’ won the league, getting in the way of some actually quite decent sites, including, of course, our friends over at Vital Arsenal and the ever excellent (even if he does hate Bolton with a vengeance) Arseblog.

Fully aware, as I am, that a large majority of Arsenal fans blame Bolton for the fact that a lot of their players end up with broken bones, as other teams follow the old Allardyce mantra of ‘they don’t like it up ’em’, you can imagine them sucking in their cheeks like they had just bit down on a rather nasty lemon when their star in the making, Jack Wilshere, was allowed to come to Bolton on loan. And now that the season has finished, they would be happy to have him back to fill the Cesc Fabregas sized hole whenever their Spanish talisman is injured (i.e most of the time).

So, when Owen Coyle suggested that he would like Little Jack back for the beginning of next season at least, some Arsenal sites suggested that Mr Vinegar should say ‘Thank you, but (expletive removed due to family nature of site)’.

However, it appears that Little Jack has told people that he doesn’t find it grim up north and that he would be open to the deal. Indeed, he hopes that they can ‘thrash’ out a deal. Of course he has said this to friends who, if they are friends of the same age as Jack, may have found it funny to make up a story like this in the spare five minutes they’ve got in between playing on their X-Boxes, squeezing their spots or calling 999 from a callbox and then putting the phone down ‘for a laugh’.

But we would welcome Jack back with open arms. You could tell from the start that he has a football brain and the ability to turn a match. He had a couple of mediocre games to start with but as soon as he was switched to the middle he shone. We know that we could never afford him and that if he does come back this time he’ll have a recall clause in the contract. Let’s just hope Mr Vinegar sees it this way.


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