Date: 21st December 2010 at 3:20pm
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Afternoon all. Not much going on today, which is just as well as I’ve got Egg-Nog to make. And then drink. As soon as I can find the Egg-Nog recipe.

There still appears to be a post mortem going on about the Sunderland game, which would suggest that, although the manager put a brave light on it, no one was as satisfied with the performance as he made out.

First, and with the most ironic article title of the year, Martin Petrov has said that the ‘ Whites Must Keep Focus‘.

I don’t blame Petrov for not performing on Saturday. He was initially played out of position and found it difficult. What I do find funny is that the one player who hasn’t really set the team alight this year, the, if you will, second best Bosman of the summer, is the one calling for focus.

His flouncing off against Blackburn suggested a player who may have an idea above his station and the fact that he is continually substituted or on the bench is not the mark of a player who has the managers full confidence. His goal against Blackpool was fantastic but he is currently averaging more mis hit shots per game than Fabrice Muamba. And when that happens, it is time to look within, not without.

Gardening Leave Watch now. And as we open another door on our Watch Calender, we see a Ginger Gnome crying and asking Mrs Ginger Gnome just why the players didn’t play for him the way they play for the Scotsman. But Mrs Ginger Gnome isn’t there. She’s left because she can’t stand him telling her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about anymore. Nine days left.

The difference between Megson and St Owen is epitomised in an interview with SuperKevinDavies in the Mail yesterday.

It is a great place to be and go work at. The way he runs things is right up there with the best I have known. ‘People say he was just what the club needed and it is certainly working. It has been difficult since Sam left to get anything going and we have been fighting off relegation. It took time to get there but we are in this position now.’

Never the names, never mention the names, but you know just what the captain is talking about. I didn’t get to T’Reebok often during the previous regime, luckily. But when I did go everyone, from the stewards to the bar staff to the staff on the betting counter to the club superstore staff, had a kind of grudging acceptance of what was going on, and didn’t exactly go about their job quickly. Cut to nearly twelve months later and you seem to be greeted with a cheery wave and a smile and a little dance.

I said seem to.

So, that’s it for today. Except for a brief mention of Martin Petrov’s snood, which, he says, he wears because he has problems with knees. Because keeping your neck warm obviously helps in that sense. And wearing gloves and a short sleeved shirt. And having little hair, so most of your heat is lost through your head anyway. You want to man up, Mr Bulgar. Just like these guys did back in the day.

Nice to see an unusual form of heating the pitch at Burnden too. OverSoil heating?

Finally, thoughts with Tamir Cohen who has flown home to be with his father Avi. re’fu’a sh’lema.

Until tomorrow.


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