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More Snags In Takeover Saga as Forest Green Now Weigh In


There was slightly concerning news earlier today when there was news that negotiations between Ken Anderson and Parminder Basran’s team had effectively broken down.

The first reactions I had was to look for a wall to smack my head against. Whether this a tactical retreat, and whether Basran and co will  try and seize control of the club via the Davies family, who are owed the money Eddie lent to Anderson back in September, or something perhaps far more terminal to the club is another thing, but with next Wednesday’s court case edging ever nearer it will only create more uncertainty for anyone who actually cares about the club. Seemingly that doesn’t include the outgoing owner.

On top of that, Forest Green Rovers have made their move in regards to taking legal action over the Christian Doidge fiasco, according to BBC Radio Manchester.

Hands up if  you are not just utterly sick of it all now…

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