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Of Course We’d Say This But – The Panel’s Decision Is Sensible


Okay, this website is called ‘Vital Bolton.’ It’s obviously going to have on it a piece praising the decision of the independent panel not to dock any points for Wanderers for those two unfulfilled fixtures, but it’s more than arguable that a very good compromise has been reached.

To spell it out for those still unsure – in short, we haven’t been deducted any points, allowing us to crack on and knock off the number we need to stay in League One. The five points will only be deducted if everything fell apart again and we failed to fulfil a fixture in a similar manner, in which case we’d be deducted that and any other punishment for the future hypothetical postponed game. But with seemingly half-decent owners now, that shouldn’t happen. In addition, we have been fined some money, and again, some is suspended, meaning we’ll only pay if we break the rules again.

The suspended points total and relatively small fine acknowledge the ‘something must be done’ crowd – at the end of the day nobody really wants unfulfilled fixtures to become a thing, or for teams to start unilaterally calling them off – even if they’re wrong I can see why Doncaster fans would be annoyed.

But ultimately, who was responsible for these breaches? An owner who thankfully is nowhere near the club now. A manager who is now at Sunderland. Administrators who are back to less high-profile insolvency cases. The panel would be punishing people who hadn’t done anything, while those who were responsible would be unaffected. And while we obviously must earn our place in League One next season, at what point do you stop trying to make a troubled club’s situation worse and start to let them recover?

We’ve all suffered enough. It’s time for us to move on and try and stay up, and we can now do so with one big shadow having disappeared.

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