Date: 17th October 2006 at 5:41pm
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So, eight games gone and the Superwhites are sitting high and mighty in third place in the table. The defence looks solid, the midfield hard working and creative and the front three, well, awesome.

Yet the Bolton fan of yore has always been aware that disaster is just around the corner. How many times on the terraces at Burnden Park have you heard someone mutter ‘Aye, but we could do with another,’ when we’re 4-0 up against some lowly team. Anyone who witnessed the lads being 3-0 up to Chelsea at half time in the late seventies, only for us to end up losing 4-3 will know what I mean.

The average Bolton fan is a realist, bordering on pessimissim.

Yet, as we progress through this season, we’re all being sorely tested by the team. Away wins at Portsmouth and Newcastle. Good home wins against Spurs and Liverpool. Only one goal scored against us in open play and no goals scored against us at the Reebok! It has been unreal.

Not so long agao, many Wanderers fans were bemoaning the lack of transfer activity in the summer. Many were unsure of Anelka. Would he work hard for the side? How will Meite fit in? What will Tal bring to the proceedings?

Well, these questions are being answered one by one. Anelka’s fitted in really well. People had doubts about his workrate yet his attitude has been brilliant. He’s chased back, held the ball up, created goals – all that’s left for him to do is get the ball in the net a few times. He looked exceptionally sharp in the second half against the Toon, like a man who realises that he’s back to fitness and wants to play. Watch this space with the boy Anelka! He’s soon going to explode into form.

Meite has settled in well too. It took him a few games but he’s now up to speed. With Meite and Faye at the centre of defence, a lot of teams are going to be quaking in their boots.

Tal, too, in the short time he’s been on the pitch, has looked a good talent. It’s hard to break into a winning side but he’ll get his chance soon.

Sam’s issued a warning not to get too carried away, which is sensible. After all, we’ve only played 8 games. We have two hard matches against Blackburn and Man United coming up in the league and an away cup game to Charlton (sweet revenge?). After those games, we’ll be able to assess how our season is going.

Yet it’s hard not to get carried away. The big problem is that this team is too damn good and, whenever they’ve raised our expectations, they’ve generally met them.

It’s a hard life being a fan!


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