Date: 16th September 2009 at 11:35pm
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After the most girly pitch invasion in history at West Ham, last month, guest writer adlington2 reminds us of the days when the boys in blue took no nonsense.

When the pitch invaders from West Ham honour us with their presence next Tuesday will they be confronted by the massed ranks of Bolton’s finest constables, plus the top secret Horwich SAS squad who train every second Tuesday on Rivington Pike?

Not if security is as tight as a game against West Ham at the Reebok some time ago. Keeping the fans apart then were a couple of sheets of plastic mesh laid gently across two rows of seats. Oh, and one slightly nervous looking female steward. Nothing happened, apart from West Ham singing ‘Are you Scotland in disguise?’ to us.

No, the shocking police brutality I saw at Burnden even longer ago happened when they pulled a lad from the embankment end. They didn’t bother with any fancy arm locks. He had quite long hair and one of them was marching him along using a firm grip on it. He wasn’t too happy and looked just like the sort of lad who got grabbed on his birthday by the hair.

Seeing his plight, and wishing to see him released, a considerate Bolton fan shouted out to him as he went past, ‘Cock, hen or a goose?` Sadly he wasn’t given a chance to reply and in a very unsporting way the coppers continued to drag him off.

West Ham, you have been warned.


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