Date: 11th September 2009 at 2:33pm
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Rug from Vital Portsmouth answers the questions before the Battle of the Giants at Fratton Park on Saturday.

1. Whats going wrong at Portsmouth?

Nothing is going ‘wrong’ as such, it is just realism kicking in! You cannot keep spending vast amounts of money and offering crazy wages if it is not sustainable – and not sustainable it was not, hence why players have gone and why it is viewed as ‘going wrong’, it could have been worse!

2. How do you see your season panning out?

It will be a struggle – I think we have all more than accepted that, some more than others. So long as we give it everything that will do me and that ‘should’ be enough to keep us up.

3. Paul Hart Hero or Villain?

Now is when we find out as it is now ‘his side’, he cannot accuse anyone as the players we now have are the ones that he wanted to keep – that he could – and wanted to sign, so lets see him prove himself the hero, or not…

4. 7 games between us and no points. Settle for a draw?

Well it would be better than a defeat, although, and with all due respect – as I suspect that you will feel the same when we go to the Reebok – Bolton at home is a game that I have down as a must win and a game we should win!

5. If you could have one of our players who would it be and why?

Super Matty Taylor, why did we ever let him go! I do not think I really need to explain why. I also like Gary Cahill who looks a top quality defender.

6. What’s the feeling about Harry Redknapp now?

There is still a lot of resentment towards him for the way he left after finding out he had no more money, his ‘love’ for the club clearly did not run as deep as he made out… But that is in the past now, you move on. It is good though that it is virtually no longer ‘his’ team so we are getting back to being Portsmouth Football Club again and not Jamie’s Dads Football Club.

7. Relegation are you resigned to it?

Hell no! Why bother if you have already given in? As said if we all, players and fans, give it everything that ‘should’ mean us being better than at least 3 other sides, which I think we are, and that would be good enough.

Thank you Rug, we wish you well for the rest of the season apart from the next 6 pointer at the Reebok.


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