Date: 8th August 2019 at 7:18pm
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An injunction has now been taken out by That Bloke Who I Am Refusing to Name to stop the sale of Bolton Wanderers, despite claiming a few weeks ago that he wouldn’t.

It temporarily prevents the club being taken over by Football Ventures, a decision which looks to be immediately appealed by the administrators (although they’re probably thinking about the extra few quid they can charge now).

He gave his usual shtick about caring for the club, and that he planned to attend Saturday’s game at home to Coventry. If he has a ticket, can he tell the rest of us how to buy one? Secondly, while it shouldn’t be condoned, he would be brave or stupid to come anywhere near the ground on a matchday.

Every extra day this club remains in administration causes more damage, and he has just inflicted some more. If he really cared about Bolton Wanderers, even a fraction of what us fans care about the club, he would do one, and when he has done one, do one again.

On a possibly related note, there are still no tickets on sale for Saturday’s game, despite a promised update this morning. That failed to materialise, and with less than 48 hours to go until we’re meant to play them, nobody has a clue what is happening.

Is it too much to be a normal club?


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