Date: 4th September 2014 at 8:04pm
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As you all probably well know, on top of our awful form fans have seemed to find other reasons to get on our players’ cases.

Jermaine Beckford’s gesture towards Leeds fans was purely him showing affection to his former club- the club that saw potential in a part time footballer, part time RAC window fitter. At Leeds he was certainly a fans’ favourite as he was bagging 20-39 goals every season. I know you have to go back quite a long way but there certainly are players whom we might come up against who enjoyed success at Bolton. There are players like Kevin Davies and Kevin Nolan whom we remember with great fondness. We know they also love Bolton Wanderers and might want to show their appreciation to their former fans.

Just because Beckford ‘thanked’ Leeds fans with his gesture certainly does not show a lack of commitment to his current club. His performances this season on the whole have been poor- that I think we can all agree on. However, have you ever seen a lack of commitment from him? I don’t think I have. Dougie has also stressed Beckford’s positive influence on the team morale.

More recently, Jay Spearing was pictured partying in Ibiza. The players were given a couple of days off training during this international break to re-energise and get ready for another tough block of fixtures. This was met unfavourably by many a Bolton fan who felt that as the captain of a team with one point from five matches, he should be doing something more constructive. While there could be better things for him to be doing- for example Keith Andrews was on Sky Sports- you need to ask yourself a question. Why do Bolton get two days off? The answer is to allow the players to rest both mentally and physically, preparing themselves for some more hard matches. While Spearing may not have been drunk like it appeared in the picture, in all fairness even if he were he’d be training as soon as he got back to Bolton and banged right back into shape. My only worry is that his morale wasn’t just slammed back down to rock bottom after coming back to an attack from fans.

I think we just have to accept that we, as fans, are incredibly frustrated. Our team have been doing poorly for a very long time and it’s hard. With these two cases I reckon some people are just complaining for the sake of complaining- there hasn’t really been much to be happy about to be fair.

When we start picking up a few points, which I’m very hopeful of, our team morale will shoot up, our fans will get happier and maybe we could put together somewhat of a decent run?


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