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Scraped Out Corpse Of A Club Fulfils Another Fixture


I’m not even sure what to write anymore.

Another 5-0 defeat, another afternoon where a bunch of kids, with a token supplement of three senior players who were here last season, and one player brought in over the summer, were left hung out to try by everyone who could still yet be left with blood on their hands at the end of all this.

A painfully familiar pattern emerged, in front of a record low crowd at the University of Bolton Stadium. On the plus side, we may be the best supported youth team in world football. In the first half, the team was competitive. Ipswich unsurprisingly looked the far better side, but it would take a dodgy penalty for them to go ahead, and it was the only goal separating the sides at the break.

Like every game this season, the scoreline was respectable at half-time. Then eventually, the fatigue game, and the goals came. Kayden Jackson, Gwion Edwards and James Norwood would all find the back of the net over the course of the afternoon.

Two to three weeks ago, those youngsters were probably amazed at the opportunity to play for the first team, and it undoubtedly provided that shot of adrenaline. And even if they do still love the prospect of playing, and they surely do, there may now, or at some point where getting thrashed week after week, and not scoring a goal, gets to them at some point. At some point this will be counter-productive for their careers.

That’s even if we get that far. The EFL have seemingly had enough, just like pretty much everyone else, and have given the club until Tuesday evening or it will serve the 14-day notice period to kick us out of the league. Meanwhile, everyone involved remains committed to squeeze every last penny out for themselves.

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