Date: 23rd February 2011 at 8:06pm
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Lunchtime Saturday for the Quarter Final. Plus Ivan Klasnic says play me or……or….I don’t know. Oh, and you know who.

Evening all. Short one today as Mrs X and I have started visiting old haunts that we may not necessarily ever get back to, and it appears that Tuborg is not as weak as it sometimes makes out.

To start, the FA Cup quarter final has been given the kick off time that most people would have bet on, 12:45 on Saturday, to allow for live coverage on ESPN. I suppose we should be glad that we are at least on that channel and, for those of us who sometimes work weekends and will now not be able to make it, won’t have to put up with the pointless witterings of Messrs. Chiles, Townsend and Tyldesley.

I say that most people would have bet on 12:45 on Saturday as there is no doubt that ITV would take United against either Arsenal or Orient, everybody loves West Ham (don’t they) making it a shoo in for the Sunday afternoon kick off and as the other game is likely to be Citeh and Everton, it speaks for itself that that would be late Sunday, leaving only the lesser space for us and The Blues.

It’s all a southern conspiracy. If we get through, it’ll be the Sunday game, meaning that we’ll all have to take Monday off. You just wait and see.

Secondly, why does Victor Chandler remind me of Alan Rickman in Die Hard, but without the beard?

Third, Ivan Klasnic has issued a ‘drop me if you dare’ gauntlet down to St Owen, according to the MEN. Somehow, I think he will dare. Whilst it would be nice to think that Klasnic would start a game, there is no way that the manager would drop the talismanic captain, nor refuse to bring Danny Sturridge back in. Big Ivan should be given more game time from the bench, and, as I said earlier this week, the manager should not concern himself with how SuperKevinDavies would react if he found himself substituted, as long as it is for the good of the team. The Croat’s problem is that he has never been fully match fit, so should remain an impact player.

Fourth, another blog, whose name rhymes with Tranny Code, has been having a go at our former manager this week. And very funny it is to.

It is difficult to know how to react when Gary Megson opens his mouth. We know the truth about his time at the club, and nothing that is published in the national press is going to change that. In a nutshell, bad manager, bad coach, good scout.

How we react when he opens his mouth can go one of two ways. Rail against what he says, which we all know is wrong, or don’t react to it. Reacting to it will just get Sheffield Wednesday fans backs up, as it’s not their fault that they don’t realise what they have got. Most other fans now know the difference between Bolton now and Bolton then and the fact that whenever he gives an interview to the national press he still has to mention Bolton just proves that he will never take any blame for the way he ran our club.

It also shows that he hasn’t got his mind fully on the job in hand, which is keeping a grand old club out of League Two. One point in twelve, including a 3-0 drubbing at Tranmere which was the Wirral club’s second best home result of the season, prove that. And if he hasn’t got his mind fully on the job, what should that say to Wednesday fans?

This column isn’t about beating Megson with the failure stick, as that has been done many times before. It is to suggest that there comes a time when you have to let history go. We are a far better club now he is no longer here, and Wednesday have got a manager who is also a legend at the club. Good for us. Good for them.

Although, in the long run, maybe not so good for them.

Until tomorrow.

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