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Shall We Bother With A Player of the Month Award?


Normally, with all the games done at the end of the month, we’d normally pick four names, let you vote, and award a Player of the Month gong.

I can’t be bothered for November. Again we’ve taken just one point from it and scored one goal. So I’ve awarded it to us, the fans.

Are there players who have impressed more than others? Yes, of course, Joe Williams and Jason Lowe won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they seem to have cemented their roles in the centre of midfield, both having good games at Millwall, where Williams provided the assist for the only goal of the month.

Josh Magennis and Pawel Olkowski are still trying, although they seem unable to hit the highs they were hitting in the early part of the season.

But again, there’s no point handing out a Player of the Month award. It’d be like awarding a Michelin star to that chippy up near Doffcocker that gave me food poisoning years ago. It’s no longer open.

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