Date: 20th December 2010 at 2:20pm
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Last thoughts on the Sunderland game. Craig Gordon agrees with me.

Afternoon all. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and we are almost rid of that ginger haired…….

Gardening leave watch sees us with ten days until South Yorkshire’s favourite gardener has to actively look for work, rather than just say he is. Come back tomorrow for another gardening leave watch.

Yesterday I suggested that Craig Gordon’s save on Saturday wasn’t anything that you wouldn’t see in a Sunday League game somewhere. Not yesterday, of course, due to there being no Sunday League games. Or any games. And, it seems, Craig Gordon agrees:

I don`t know if that is the best I have made. I made one for Hearts against Motherwell. But it`s definitely in my top five.’

See? See? He knows. Unless you have stood between the sticks on a regular basis, being called all the names under the sun, but under the breath, by your team mates for a mistake that you have made, but getting little sympathy when the striker for Moss Side kicks you in the head when you dive at his feet, you can’t tell whether it was ‘the best save ever made’. It wasn’t. It was good. Now can we all please shut up about it? Including me.

Speaking of the game, St Owen SuperKevinDavies agrees:

Fair play to Ivan, he gets himself in those positions and you know what he`s like in the box, he turns and gets a shot off. He is pretty comfortable with them but I think the one at the end just came off his toe.’

Maybe if he’d hit it with his foot, it may have gone in. There is an argument for giving Klasnic a run in the team, but that would go against my argument for having a settled side. He is definitely worth a starting place, but at the moment makes an impact from the bench. I would start all three against Chelsea and reacquaint the dad of the year with Ivan.

Right, some public service for you. Although he hasn’t asked me to do it, and he never responds to me on Twitter (@QuentinX in case you’ve forgotten, or unfollowed me for some unbeknown reason), SuperKevinDavies has a charity. I’m not a big one for adding twibbons to Facebook or Twitter but I am more than happy to link to the charity. As he has 47,143 followers as of 14:11 today, you’re probably aware of it anyway. Still.

Secondly, sometime this week I’m going to have to attempt the perilous journey between Manchester and London as Mrs X won’t forgive me if I don’t make it for the turkey. Please let anybody you know that lives somewhere on the M6/M40 that I’m coming that way and see if they’ll put me up if I get stuck. I’ll bring booze.

OK, I think that’s today’s meanderings sorted out. I’m off to buy a new car off a Blackurn fan in Bury. That kind of thing can mess with your head.


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