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Some Of The Better Things From Bolton In February


We’re still knee deep in it, but at least we actually won a league game in February. We’ve listed some of the better performances from the month, although we’ll need a lot more than this…

Remi Matthews

Unfortunately, the best individual performance in the entire month probably came from the former Norwich goalkeeper as he singlehandedly stopped his former club from absolutely slaughtering us. You may even describe 4-0 as a slaughtering anyway. If your goalkeeper is your best performer, that’s often a problem. Matthews was also excellent in the win at Birmingham a few days previous, but arguably messed up for Leeds’ winner last weekend. In any case, he might be keeping Ben Alnwick out of the team for the immediate future.

Mark Beevers

He has played three times this month, the big red mark was him being on the pitch against Norwich, but he scored at Leeds and dealt with the physical Birmingham threat the other week.

Callum Connolly

Has settled into the club fairly well it seems, at least nowhere as bad as the unwashed down the road were warning us. The winner at Birmingham helped too.

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