Date: 9th September 2014 at 6:34pm
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Do we need to freshen up our club?

I’ve spent much of the last two nights following launches. Recently launched were the new Jaguar XE and the new iPhones. Me being a Bolton fan, I’ve been thinking about what the last properly exciting new ‘thing’ at Bolton was.

Yeah, our stadium was renamed and there is a new sponsorship deal. That’s fine and I’m glad to have Macron on board. However, after all that it’s still the same stadium, we still have the same players, manager and board of directors. We bring in ‘new’ players (who pretty much all spent a lot of last season at Bolton).

Even now when we’re linked with new signings they’re all players that we’ve previously shown interest in. Owen Garvan is looking like signing for Bolton for probably the 8th time in the last year.

Even when we’ve brought in new managers our ethos as a club hasn’t changed much. It took several regimes for us to move on from Sam Allardyce’s style of football to a prettier albeit less successful style.

This was a change that a lot of fans wanted to make. We were taking our Premier League status for granted and just thought if we passed the ball on the floor we’d end up in the top four. Now we all yearn for Big Sam to return. (Yes I’m very good at rhyming)

Sure, we’re not happy as fans. We’re in a terrible position for a team like ours. We’ve got under-performing players and non-playing staff.

However, we need to ask ourselves something. Will trying to shake it all up help? Maybe- but not necessarily. We could end up being even worse.

As I say maybe we don’t need to get rid of Phil Gartside, Dougie and co. Although, it may help us we need to understand that it ain’t happening.

I also know that while we’re not going to sit and do nothing, hoping that results will somehow miraculously come I think we need to accept that our squad is good enough to compete in this league.

It’s about tapping into unused potential and quality. There are obvious small changes that should be made- like taking Darren Pratley out of the team. However that doesn’t mean we need a completely new team and identity.

Anyway, that’s enough from me.

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3 Replies to “Something New?”

  • And all of this will come to a head on January 1st, when we find out how many teams in the Championship end up with an FFP-related transfer ban. Not having a transfer ban will be a fairly major competitive advantage, if not for this season then certainly for next – I suspect that if Forest don’t go up this year they’ll be going down to League One in a couple of years, without their rich new owners, for example. And expect to see a lot more clubs fall out of the Premiership and slide through the Championship into League One without us even noticing them slide past us. Changing things right now could possibly be the worst thing we could do – as long as we stay in the Championship.

  • every comment is laced with contradiction – we need to accept our squad is good enough to compete in this league – look at the table, unused potential and quality – look at the table. we don’t have to get rid of Freedman – look at the table. we don’t have to get rid of Gartside – look at the table, look at his managers, look at the debt, look at the empty bank account, look at his record since Sam left. Robmoss throws FFP at us again – will FFP help us win on Saturday – no, will it make the team and the manager perform better – no, will it prevent us from being relegated – no. He then talks about how FFP will help by avoiding a transfer ban, we already have a transfer ban in place – its called being broke, having no money. He expects to see ex premiership clubs fall past us into league one – we are one of those clubs, FFP is as meaningful as a chocolate fireguard. What we need is a very good manager who can create a very good team, we have neither, we have crap – look at the table, he finishes by stating we need to keep things as they are and stay in the championship, what he should be saying is unless we do make changes at the top we will not be a resident of the championship for much longer. In a nutshell – look at the facts and tell it how it truly is, stop all this garbage about FFP, untapped potential or a change could make things worse – it cannot get any worse – look at the table and remove the bubble from your brain – Finally the statement about Forest has to be the icing on the cake – top of the league, multi millionaire owners, quality team, good manager yet they could plummet into league one inside 2 years — blimey, this FFP is really scary stuff

  • Obviously you’re right, Mike. FFP is irrelevant, PG and DF are agents of Satan, criminal activity is what gets them out of bed in the morning, we’re going to get relegated, all the club’s assets will be sold off to pay back Eddie Davies and his mystery investors, Bolton Wanderers will be no more, and we could fix all of this by getting rid of PG and DF and replacing them with some other people who are better than all the other chairmen and managers in the Championship, like Mick McCarthy sat there just above us in 19th place following about the 10th near miss of his career, and whoever the amazing chairman was who hired him. We’d get promoted with 10 games left and win the Premiership next season, we’d be able to pay all the debts off and Lionel Messi will demand a transfer from Barcelona to come and play at Fortress Macron.

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