Date: 9th February 2013 at 7:50pm
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Bolton Wanderers
2 – 1

Reebok Stadium

nPower Championship

9 Feb 2013

Attendance: 19,767

Bolton WanderersBurnley
C Davies (66), Ngog (81)Edgar (55)
CY LeeStanislas90
De Ridder58Ings82


C Davies58Vokes82

Game Statistics

18Goal attempts5
8On Target2
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

15 Replies to “Stats: Bolton Wanderers v Burnley”

  • A WIN! 3 Points! Beating Burnley! First on TFLS with more than 30 secs of video. Inspired substitutions by the Manager rubbing the faces of the idiotic boo boys right in it with a goal each for BOTH subs. As he said last week – he knows what he is talking about! I went home with a smile on my face! F’ing brilliant. Well done to the second half team for never giving up.

  • If we can’t follow that up with a win over a struggling Forest, then we can forget this season. Only start playing when we’re 1-0 down, familiar old story….

  • I think Freedman said he didn’t want to take De Ridder off, but he’s not fully match-fit. He is a slippery little sucker though… Craig Davis’ movement a strength impressed me and it finally seems like someone’s on the same wave-length as N’Gog! Bo Select’ him, Dougie!!

  • Surprised C.Davies didn’t start but then again team selection remains a puzzle. This time DF got out of jail and was most fortunate, which should keep the hounds at bay, however, for 75 minutes against a pretty ordinary opponent we did nothing and looked incapable of getting back in the game, but goals change everything and they did the trick yesterday. Once we see a true improvement in performance from the off and we hit the net more regularly I will get off DF’s case but until that happens I fear we might continue taking one step forward and one step back. Anyway – 3 valuable points desperately needed, onwards to the next game.

  • Couldn’t be at the game, so relying on reports. Sounds like we were much the same as always – slow pace and little purpose until we went behind, then a late effort to pull something from the fire? At least we got the result though. And a good job too seeing most of the bottom lot won. Trouble is, can we build on it? Frustratingly, form suggests a draw at best next week. As aussiemike points out out goals and results are everything now and we need to string some results together if the DF approach is to be seen as credible.

  • Something else struck me on Saturday: the difference between successful Premiership footballers and successful Championship footballers. Our Premier League players, who aren’t cutting it in the Championship, are disappointing not because they lack ability but because they struggle to adapt to the Championship demands. We are good on the ball, composed and elegant in movement but struggle to unlock defences. That’s because most of the defences I’ve seen don’t have a lock to unlock. Championship sides, especially against us, defend deep and regimental. When Craig Davies came on, (a seasoned Championship player) he was fast, strong and direct. Then it hit me: when there’s no lock on the door to pick, bust down the door! When he scored he seemed delighted, really pleased for him.

  • I agree with Aussie Mike up until the latter stages of the game it was just another lack lustre performance. The frustration of the crowd was warranted when De Ridder by far the best player we had out there was subbed. Bit over cautious of Freedman i thought he looked fit enough to me and jeez he will be off back to his own club in 3 weeks, by the time we have him fully match fit he will be gone! I felt sorry for sordell he recieved no service what so ever. He needs through ball to run onto, thats his game, didnt see him played one. Although Darren Pratley tries very hard and does put himself about its fair to say he is crap. His passing is woeful and his control is poor. Chungy – suprised to see him topping MOM poll, it want one of his better games. He gave the ball away on more than a few occasions and is still not taking on players as he used to, generally choosing a back or sideways pass instead. Adam Bogdan was at fault for their goal he has no command over his box, catching incoming balls like that should be bread and butter to keeper. His kicking was terrible. I thought it was Jussi with a ginger wig on for a minute. Bogdan is a number 2 keeper. Glad we won and hope it continues, but cant help feeling it was more luck than tactical genius. Bit of a critical point of view, but a realistic assessment i would say

  • entirely agree with the others about Bogdan, worst decision ever by Coyle Gartside to sell El Habsi to our opponents and let Juski walk away, leaving us with a no 3 at no 1 and a string of results to prove it ever since his promotion. Standing a mere 3 points above the relegation slots is worrying, we have yet to witness any real improvements in our play, the only hope remaining is once we see a full strength team assembled there will be positives flowing from it. Very difficult to speculate beyond that, I simply hope to see decisive decisions taken on team selection, cannot see SKD getting another full game, unless Craig Davies bombs it, albeit I would like to see him, N’Gog and Sordell as our attack with DeRiddear on the wing, Eagles or Chungy getting the other remaining slot. If it works fine, if not change it again. Midfield should be the new lad with Holden and one other from the mix. I do wonder how Gartside is coping and what his thoughts are – he took a gamble with DF and it remains to be seen how it will pan out – guess the compensation package would be large should it end in tears, but then again it seems Gartside is resigned to keeping DF regardless of what happens, survival does seem more realistic than relegation but you never know, the way we play anything can happen. No easy games coming up in the next 4, it appears to be make or break time, I cannot help but reflect on how poor Derby and Watford where at the start of the season, they are now organised playing to their potential while we are still flapping around treading water as if we have no real talent or potential.

  • I thought we played pretty well. For the most part the defence looked solid, which is certainly something of a novelty, and the new signings look like they’re playing significantly better than the players from the Coyle era. I wouldn’t be desperately upset to see a fire sale followed by a shopping spree in the summer. Incidentally, I booed the substitutions – for exactly one reason, namely that Eagles was still on the pitch. He was AWFUL.

  • Copied from Bolton News site: DAVID Edgar admits Burnley failed to make the best of a changing Reebok atmosphere after he had opened the scoring on Saturday.

    The Clarets defender headed home the afternoon?s first goal 10 minutes after half time, setting off a chorus of jeers around the stadium.

    At that point it seemed Wanderers could allow the negativity to get on top of them ? but substitutes Craig Davies and David Ngog came on to have the final say and leave Edgar wondering what might have been.

    ?We were on the front foot in the first half and in the beginning of the second half when we got the first goal you could see the whole atmosphere changing around the place with the crowd getting on their backs, and it is just disappointing the way we conceded,? he said.

    ?Once we got the goal we took our foot off the gas a bit and we should have taken advantage of their crowd turning on them and put a lot of pressure on them.

    ?But we stopped playing it out from the back and stopped playing our football that we played in the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second half.

    ?We have got to be mentally stronger to get on to the ball even when the crowd are going wild. We need that little bit of composure. We just lost that a little bit after we scored.?

    This is why I have tried to encourage a positive outlook.
    Hope the grammar and punctuation are o.k.!

  • Very impressed with Medo last night. Classy and confident. He will shame a lot of our current players with his ball control and passing accuracy. Spot on from first touch but don’t expect too many goals! He only had a couple of shots and was no better than all the others who wasted many chances. Our goal was an own goal so nobody scored from open play yet again. Holden ok but not close to previous performances yet similar to CYL’s return.

  • mid week time and nothing to really discuss, Pedro’s views on Medo & Holden appreciated, wonder if DF will give them a game soon or maybe he is keeping them in reserve for next season when their fitness levels should be better. Boltongav sums up how we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against Burnley and robmoss equally touched on the baffling decisions DF makes – why take your best attacking player off and leave the worst one on the pitch when your losing, no one had any idea at that stage we would pull 2 goals out from nowhere in the last stage of the game, not even DF. Rather than praise his substitutions, the question should be raised why where they not on the pitch from the start, it all smacks at DF having no real idea as to who our best 11 are, who should be in attack and who should be on the bench – indecision and confusion from the manager spills out across the team, how to attack and how to score goals – does anyone know ?

  • If you really want your day spoiled checkout the 2 videos of the White Hot team on Manny Road’s latest blog and interview with Supa John. THAT is what we want to return to Dougie! How are your plans for the Edwin Davies interview coming along Ed?

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