Date: 1st December 2012 at 5:03pm
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Bolton Wanderers
1 – 2
Ipswich Town

Reebok Stadium

npower Championship

1 December 2012 15:00

Attendance: 17,208

Referee: Michael Naylor

Bolton WanderersIpswich Town
M.DaviesCampbell (pen), Chopra



Game Statistics

10Goal attempts7
3On Target5
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

13 Replies to “Stats: Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town”

  • Gartside should apologise to the fans for the dreadful mess created by Coyle under his stewardship, yesterday underlined the failings across the squad Coyle assembled. Fans need to drop the romance and accept K.Davies is an expensive waste, the main striker is there to put chances and half chances in the back of the net, not to waste them, that is the fine difference between success and failure and largely explains why we are 18th in the league. Not to mention the fact while Juski & El Habsi work wonders for West Ham & Wigan, our 3rd choice goalie gifts the opposition goals as if santa claus is his real calling in life

  • to chicory coffee, fred madagscar and all others who express genuine concern, love and support for our club, I extend my shared deepest sympathy, unless Freedman is given big money in January and then works wonders afterwards, we are going nowhere. I fear we need at least 2 quality strikers and Holden back firing alongside Mark Davies – which is probably not going to happen, every dawn is a false on.

  • Fredmad- You and John Cleese have summed up EXACTLY how I feel right now. For some reason, that defeat to Ipswich was a bigger stomach punch than the relegation. We will now find out how good a manager Dougie is…

  • Ipswich 4 wins out of 7 under McCarthy. Bolton 1 win under Freedman. Enough said. OK I am going to remain as positive as possible for as long as possible but as BWFC75 says that was a real kick in the guts as a fan. And yes Mike all our dawns do seem to be false ones.

  • Over and above his dreadfully knaive tactics and lack of motivational abilities Coyle was allowed to systematically sell off and remove the few quality players we had, far worse he then was allowed to spend millions on players with little more than 2nd class ability. Think back a mere 18 months, we had Juski with El Habsi as reserve, Cahill & O Brian, Elmander & Vaz Te, none of these were costing us anything other than wages. Today you would be looking at a collective transfer budget of £20 million to bring in similar talent, maybe another £4-5 million for improved wages might have kept Cahill & Elmander here, but we would probably now still be in the prem and the lost revenue for this season and next has cost us £100 million, assuming we get back inside another 18 months, something I fear might not happen. Thus, One manager who sucked up to Gartsides vision has literally singlehandedly destroyed the present and the future tha Big Sam created for us. Freedman at worst may need at least 2 years to rebuild the team, Saturday proved once again that miracles rarely happen, reality suggests we are unlikely to challenge for promotion this season, you cannot win games if you repeatedly fail to create and then convert goal scoring opportunities, hence my repeated calls to see better strikers given the opportunity , as has been said before on this site ‘ if a player is not part of the solution he is part of the problem’

  • For the first 20-30 minutes on saturday i thought we were passing the ball around very well, creating chances and sure of a win. Up until Freedman took off Eagles it still looked likely we would come away with the win. I feel this is a common occurance in Freedmans tactics. He appears to take off our most effective players and replace them with innefective weaker players. I dont understand his thinking. I understand the idea behind squad rotation, but i think too much tinkering is unsettling the players too much. Our strongest team must play and get used to playing with each other. They dont know what going on from one week to the next! At Aussie Mike – Vaz Te would of remained sh**e if he had stayed, he needed to go down the divisions to find form. Cahill would never have stayed. I wish Freedman would stay off the radio am sick of hearing him arse licking our ‘fantastic squad’! Stick to getting our team sorted for now Dougie!

  • We created plenty of chances – the main problem was that the shots went to positions that their keeper could reach or were straight at him. We were counting these and at one point we all agreed it should have been 5-0. If they had gone in ………………………….!

  • I acknowledge what Danfarn is saying – Cahill may have gone anyway but most BWFC fans look at the lads we showed the door to with feelings of anger directed at our incompetent management – there is no other way of explaining it when we could have Vaz Te instead of Pratley, Elmander instead of Davies, El Habsi in goal and OBrian in defence, I would welcome those alternatives, – El Habsi alone would have kept us in the prem – But all that talk is now meaningless, sure we might be in the mix next April if Freedman transforms our fortunes – Pedro1874 underlines the importance of having strikers who can hit the back of the net – goals win games, anon.

  • Maybe I’m in a minority, maybe I saw it differently, but I never saw Elmander as a potent goalscorer. In fact we haven’t add a proficient goal scorer for a good couple of years. If thought Klasnic was effective but it was the only thing he did, which is fine if you can afford the luxury

  • I suspect that he took Eagles off because Ipswich were, quite frankly, poo. He probably thought that Ipswich had created so few clear chances that he could trust even our own defence to see the game out and he could save Eagles a potential injury from an increasingly frustrated Ipswich midfield. Unfortunately that turned out to be wrong, but hindsight is 20/20, and it was the removal of Eagles that gave Ipswich the opportunity to get forward rather than having to sit back. You can’t get every decision wrong – this was his first really bad one and as long as there aren’t too many between now and May, and as long as he can tempt a decent Championship-level finisher (Glenn Murray from former club Crystal Palace, perhaps, or maybe Charlie Austin from Burnley) in January we’ll still be there or thereabouts for the play-offs.

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